Your Kids Don’t Need Perfect Mom. They Need Happy One

Your Kids Don’t Need Perfect Mom. They Need Happy One

Just love your children. That’s all they need …

Of course, we all want to become perfect moms. Especially these dreams overwhelm us when we are expecting a child. We enthusiastically read articles from glossy magazines about parenting, look at cute pictures, imagine how we will teach a child from the first years of life everything, monitor his nutrition, development … That is, we are preparing to become ideal mothers.

Your Kids Don’t Need Perfect Mom. They Need Happy One
Your Kids Don’t Need Perfect Mom. They Need Happy One

Your Kids Don’t Need Perfect Mom. They Need Happy One

However, have you met at least one ideal mother in life? I never. And the explanation is simple: there simply doesn’t exist. And the sooner you realize this, the happier your children will be, and you yourself.

You will not find in any bookstore a guide on how to become the best mother in the world. There is only one teacher in this matter: experience, experience, and again experience. And your own.

Only with time, through trial and error, after minutes of despair and sleepless nights, will you realize that the most ideal mother is a happy mother. Only such a mother can take care of both her children and herself. Only with such a mother do children grow up confident and happy.

You should not worry too much about every mistake or mistake. Too easy to dress the child for a walk, and now he coughs? Your child is already two years old, but he still does not go to the potty? Believe me, such thoughts torment absolutely all mothers and do not at all indicate that something is wrong with you. This is life. But it is not perfect. In the same way, it is impossible to go for a walk with a baby dressed in a beautiful white jumpsuit and return “in full dress”.

No matter how you try and lose your strength, the children will still find every puddle on the street, they will break everything in the house that should be broken, and paint the wallpaper in the room. Not without illness. And it’s not your fault at all. It’s not you who “didn’t watch” – this is how all the children in the world grow.

Your task is different – just try your best to love and support your children in everything that they conceive or want in life. Do not prevent them from wanting to know the world, even if they are panicky afraid of injuries and infections.

Your Kids Don’t Need Perfect Mom. They Need Happy One
Your Kids Don’t Need Perfect Mom. They Need Happy One

Instead of focusing on some unimportant things your children are doing wrong, praise them for what they have done. Give them these unforgettable moments of happiness: when your dearest person on Earth says that you are the best. What love you. This is what is most important for children, this is what makes them happy.

No, you will not soar in the seventh heaven 24/7. You will be upset, and not have time to do all the housework, and forget to prepare a sandwich for your child to school, but you will be truly happy. Because children are God’s greatest gift, and you have received it. At times, it will seem to you that there is only chaos around, but it is pleasant and happy chaos. This is the most wonderful thing that can happen in a person’s life.

There will be days when your hands will simply drop. Fatigue, eternal haste, all around – a mess … That’s for sure that you did not imagine motherhood at all. But all this does not mean that you are a bad mother and can not cope with raising children. And it does not mean that you are unhappy, even though you feel exhausted and squeezed, like a lemon. It only means that you are just a person. Like millions of mothers in the world.

If you want to be a truly happy mother, do not try to pretend to be an ideal mother and demonstrate it on every occasion. Yes, you are both tired and irritable, and “not with makeup.” And this is normal. After all, you are doing a very difficult job. But you are trying. You love. And this is the main point.

If you satisfy the needs of your children, and they often smile and laugh, then you are doing your job well and deserve recognition, which you may not necessarily get. This is such a job: being a mom.

Your reward, your recognition – these are the happy faces of the kids. This is the realization that they feel good and joyful near you. Many people believe that children need us much more than we need them. But this is not quite so. We need them the same way. Because without them, without their laughter and stomping little legs around the house – life is empty and meaningless.

Believe me, your children will love you even if you make mistakes. And they will not hate because you had a bad day or because things are not going well at this moment. Never worry about it.

They will love you forever. Even when you don’t wash your school uniform and they have to go dirty. Even when serving croutons instead of a diet and healthy soup. Your children need you to feel comfortable and enjoy life. They don’t need you to act out as a superhero because you are a superhero for them. Even if nothing, in your opinion, indicates this. And even the opposite.

We tend not to notice our happiness. Underestimate how well we do our tasks, and overestimate every mistake and mistake.

Therefore, just love your children. That’s all they need. And be happy: children do not need an ideal, but a happy mother. Only then will they shine with joy.





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