9 Worst Type Of Guys To Date Online

9 worst type of guys to date online

Not only have dating on the Internet become quite popular today, they can also turn into serious relationships. True, for this you need to hook the girl with something .

In search of your unique dating strategy, you can miss a lot and instead of the pleasant impression you hope to make on the girl you like, you can only scare away your interlocutor. We talk about how not to do it.

9 Worst Type Of Guys To Date Online

Worst Type Of Guys To Date Online
Worst Type Of Guys To Date Online

1 Obsessive guy – Worst Type Of Guys To Date Online

Obsession causes great irritation in people who are already in a relationship, and obsession at the dating stage for many girls (and not only) in general wildness. You just started chatting, and you already call her your girlfriend? Find out her number and call her every few hours?

Do you want her to be constantly in touch? Do not try to take all the girl’s free time – keep your distance and respect her personal boundaries. Learn to distinguish the manifestation of feelings and sympathies from the lack of tact and lack of knowledge of the measure.

2 The guy who needs to talk – Worst Type Of Guys To Date Online

At the beginning of an acquaintance, you should not especially load a girl with your problems. Decide whether you are looking for a psychologist who you want to talk about sore, or still a person with whom you want to build at least a communication that will be interesting to you two?

Try not to get carried away with stories about your failures, doubts, and worries, because the girl is not a qualified specialist and is unlikely to get hourly pay from you for the time and nerves.

3 guy with a list of requirements

“I need a tall, beautiful, slender, so that she could not stand the brain, stayed at home, but was easy to lift. And I don’t like smokers. ” Imagine how ridiculous to receive such a list of requirements in private messages, and even more so at the very beginning of an acquaintance. It seems that you are more likely to choose a suitable product on the market than you start communicating with a living person.

If you liked a girl, but you have important information about any feature of her appearance or character, postpone such clarifications at least for a short while. It is unlikely that a lady, even ideally suited to all points in your list of requirements, after such an interrogation will want to continue to get to know you.

4 Guy hiding information about himself – Worst Type Of Guys To Date Online

A guy with a cool avatar, who are you without her? It is unlikely that you will answer this question in the voice of Robert Downey Jr. And it is unlikely that his face, instead of your photo on the page, will make the girl continue to communicate with you.

We all want to understand with whom we are currently chatting. The trouble is if you have not taken care of this and have not set at least a couple of your photos. It would also be nice to indicate the age and city of residence because such data is often a priority for a girl. You never know, maybe you live on the other side of our vast country, and tickets are so expensive that you are destined to see unless at your own wedding.

By the way, when a girl asks you to tell you something about your mysterious person, you should pay attention to this, and not brush off the words “let’s get better about you.” Mysterious need to be in moderation, otherwise, it will start to scare.

5 The guy who immediately comes up with cute nicknames – Worst Type Of Guys To Date Online

“Baby”, “bunny”, “sweet” – that’s all, of course, most girls love. But there is one “but”: such nicknames are the result of observing the characteristics of a person’s behavior or his external data. That is, in a relationship that lasts several months, nicknames are absolutely normal, but when meeting people it is better to refrain from using them.

Worst Type Of Guys To Date Online
Worst Type Of Guys To Date Online

6 The guy who cuts one size fits all

“All women are a bitch”, “all women are traitors”, “all women are mercantile”. I immediately want to ask the question: “But if really all the women are so bad, why did you decide to find a girlfriend?” Get rid of such an absurd categorization. Well, at the same time review your criteria in choosing a girl for dating. Maybe the thing is that you are attracted to the same type of girls?

7 A guy who has a lot to showoff

“Yesterday I bought a watch for myself, this is expensive”, “completed the project a few days ago, cut down so much dough”, “and last month I bought myself a new car, now I drive it” – carefully, this scares off many girls. It seems that you are just writing to the girls in order to show their significance.

Even if you are a truly successful young man who rarely refuses material wealth, do not start building communication with the story that you have been able to acquire over the past few months / weeks / days.

8 Guy revealing the ins and outs – Worst Type Of Guys To Date Online

No, this is not a contrast to 4 points. It is very good when you talk about yourself – interests, hobbies, outlooks on life. Only if your story looks like a draft of an autobiographical book (where you were born, what is your grandmother’s name, how did you break your finger in childhood, how did you go to the guitar in elementary grades and what kind of relationship did you have with your parents), then it’s better to stop and filter the information before than click on “Submit”.

Such details of your life will not be interesting to the girl. Leave them until better times. Typically, such trifles are recognized by people already in a relationship.

9 A guy who wants to meet in person immediately – Worst Type Of Guys To Date Online

For girls, a guy’s desire to meet literally right after they meet is a bad sign. Firstly, who knows what such a person has in mind. Times are now dangerous, and a lot of perverts and unpleasant personalities come across on the Web.

In general, try not to be persistent in wanting to see the girl live as quickly as possible. It’s better to spend some time getting to know each other better.






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