Why You Don’t Need Girlfriend

Why You Don’t Need Girlfriend

There are many articles on how to seduce a girl, invite her to a second date, find a wife and hold on – all in that spirit. But in fact, without a girl is very good. Now is the time that people are emotionally more stable and do not need to feed a partner. Those times when you were condemned for being lonely for 30 years have already passed, and there are a lot of reasons for that.

Why You Don’t Need Girlfriend

Why You Don't Need Girlfriend
Why You Don’t Need Girlfriend

Focus on self-realization and career

And the girl, especially if she is not chosen very correctly (and she is almost always so chosen due to the fact that we are always in a hurry), as a rule, this will slow down with all my might. Even if reluctantly, albeit unconsciously, but they are, it is laid down by nature: it has already made its nest – the mission has been completed.

Free time? Forget! A conscript soldier has more free time than a happy owner of a meticulous girl. Even if you have a lot of free time, you could spend it on mastering a new language, learn how to draw beautifully, master Braille, read more books, take pictures of cats from trees. When you are alone, you are free from obligations. They called for dubious work? I agreed and found myself. Thinking about moving? Just picked up and moved, without endless persuasion and controversy.

Roughly speaking, you are 25 years old, and your girlfriend suddenly decided to give birth (I wonder who is to blame for this?). So it happened, what to do, and you are in the 3rd year and just about to get a job, so that you will slowly get the experience that will be needed in the future.

Riddle: Who will drop out of school and interesting, but low-paid at first, work in favor of a more profitable, but unpromising, so that there is enough money for a crib?

Answer: We all know him very well.

You can make a bunch of intrigues on the side – Why You Don’t Need Girlfriend

If there is no girl, then there will be no party as such – there will simply be a bunch of sweet affairs. You don’t owe anything to anyone, you don’t explain. Wanted – went to one, then to the other. This, of course, taking into account if you are in demand among girls and they are waiting for you there. But even if this is not so, you can make every effort for this, because of a lot of time. And when you answer endless questions about how your day went and how much you miss now, there is no time left at all.

There are 7.4 billion people on the planet. Of course, it is very controversial to give this argument, because there are many less potential partners (about 7 billion), but the fact remains: there are a lot of people. Really, living with Natasha, whom you met in a nearby store, do you seriously think that here she is that half missing? No, you need to search more, you can not be lazy. No one says that the girl is not needed at all. But in order to find it, the one that will brew coffee exactly the way you want, you need to reconsider many options.

What if you are jealous? This, of course, is very sad, but there you are, and you must change. But this had to be done before the relationship you had already entered into. And, instead of thinking about useful things in the evenings, you sit and bite your nails, wondering what your girlfriend is doing, where she is. And when you don’t have an emotional attachment to anyone, you won’t even think about such trifles. You will become free from these heavy thoughts that oppress you and prevent you from working normally.

You will have more money

It sounds very petty, but if you think about it … Extra money appeared – I went and bought new jeans, binoculars, maybe even caviar – whatever. No one talks about being mean when you’re in a relationship. But the fact is that when you meet with someone, you yourself stop from certain purchases, stipulating that you need to save money on dates, stockings, a joint trip. There are times when you collected five salaries and wanted to buy dollars or invest somewhere, but you can not, because you are expected at home with flowers and rolls.

Of course, if you are a billionaire, you have already bought all the shirts that you wanted, and the financial aspect does not bother you at all, you can spend money on travel without adapting to your partner. He wanted to fly to Kazakhstan – he took it and flew. Do not wait until she is given a vacation, she will make a visa, the mood will appear. Although they say that behind every successful man a woman stands, the fact of the matter is that she simply stands. It costs and does nothing, as a rule. And the man is ahead. Goes ahead and dissolves his problems, but now also hers.

Quickly disappointed in a girl – Why You Don’t Need Girlfriend

The first two months of the relationship are just a fairy tale: the guy willingly takes a shower, ironing clothes, the girl is painting. They give each other gifts, make concessions, do not really argue, greet each other. Well, isn’t that happiness? Of course, happiness. But then two months pass (sometimes more, sometimes less), and there you no longer need to impress anyone – everyone is already seduced. The girl begins to behave differently, the guy no longer whispers in her ear all kinds of pranks. Here it begins – conflicts, abuse, disputes.

They say you have to fight for love. Yes should not! It either goes on its own, or just let it go. You’ve been doing this all your life (study, army, work), and then they add love to you to fight for, and with it a girl who has a lot of problems in her suitcase that you will solve too. And if you don’t, you’ll listen to how someone solves them, and then you’ll start to decide. One way or another, you won’t getaway.

Think twice – Why You Don’t Need Girlfriend

For many years, divorces in Russia have exceeded 50%. How can I fix these statistics? Do not marry. And the main problem of such a number of divorced marriages is that many marry either on the fly, or not fully understanding themselves and not finding the right partner. We people do not know ourselves what we want from this life, and we hope that the person whom we have drawn into our lives will solve all our problems. But in fact, he only creates them.

When we rush towards destiny headlong, we must enter into a relationship as a fully-fledged person, both spiritually and materially, and only then involve anyone else in our world. But we do not do this and are very disappointed when, after several months, our soulmate does not want to put all our problems on his hump or does not live up to the expectations that for some reason were assigned to her. We ourselves create the illusion that the other half is salvation from all troubles. Nobody owes anything to anyone: neither give birth to 30, nor pay for coffee, nor buy expensive gifts. Everything is simple: I wanted to – I bought it, presented it. And only after realizing all these nuances, you can try to enter into a relationship. When you are happy alone, you will be happy with someone.

What to do as a result – Why You Don’t Need Girlfriend

In any case, everyone decides for himself what he needs at this stage of his life. Girls, in general, are great. They have soft skin, pretty faces, almost always clean hair. And if everything goes well, then you can enter into a relationship. But will it be so all his life? When you seriously start thinking about this issue, you should remember that in Russia 2 out of 3 couples get divorced. Do you just need a girl or specifically this girl? These questions need to be answered honestly to oneself first of all, and only then go on the first date and answer her questions already.






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