Why Some Men Prefer to Date Older Women

Why Some Men Prefer to Date Older Women

Men are many, and we all have different tastes: someone likes younger, someone – older; others do not attach importance to age. There are generally those who like to take risks. But specifically today we will talk about guys who like older girls, and the reasons for this. Moreover, there are many such reasons.

Why Some Men Prefer to Date Older Women
Why Some Men Prefer to Date Older Women

Why Some Men Prefer to Date Older Women

They don’t fuck your brain for all the shit

After all, they are almost always already mature and mature personalities, who perfectly understand that if they take your brains out of any trifles, they will quickly go to waste. Even more: they don’t just understand this, they don’t have a desire to start tantrums for nothing, because they are adults, experienced and often smart, they know what this or that conflict can lead to and, by virtue of their wisdom, try to avoid it.

Older women motivate men to achieve big goals is why some men prefer to date older women

Because they know more about life and with pleasure will help to develop, and not to pull to the bottom all sorts of dubious hobbies. Sometimes, maybe advice will give – not money, but advice (here we consider normal relations where the girl is older and not richer). To many normal guys who are not burdened with a bunch of complexes, it seems that the older girl has much more interesting stories, clever thoughts, and in general she is more mature.

And these are not just empty words – the research conducted by the University of Maine in 2006, in which 10 couples were surveyed, where a woman was 10-15 years older than a man, says so. And nothing – they all live happily ever after.

Why do some men like older girls

Why Some Men Prefer to Date Older Women
Why Some Men Prefer to Date Older Women

Sometimes give faster

The world is not already swallowed by the fogs of myths that women do not like sex – like it, and how. Of course, no one cancels courtship, and there are girls who love to be sought. But there are also those who have no time to play the role of impossibility and who have their own fascinating lives, whose schedule does not fit into the month of a candy period before giving you. She wanted sex herself – she got it.

Here you didn’t even get it, but you can say, you were allowed (you got your 20-year-old girlfriends there, then to have angular sex with the lights on). Moreover, if she gave birth, then she can be seen, and she is unlikely to be scared by such a trifle as your cock. In addition, science has proved that the sexuality of a woman is revealed just after 30 and on the rise.

Why Some Men Prefer to Date Older Women – Great Things About Dating Older Women

They are much smarter, which makes it more interesting to spend time.

 Of course, far from all, very far. But surely at least once in your life, you saw a picture (or maybe you yourself participated) when a guy is forced to talk to a woman at a party just to drag her home later. Sometimes this is simply impossible: it happens that a girl speaks well, and sometimes she can’t connect two words.

As a rule, with age, even in due time, a stupid student acquires some baggage of knowledge, acquires interesting experience, and more. But if you take into account the fact that you yourself are a nice and intelligent guy, then you have the same girl. Only now, getting older, she will be more interesting and smarter, which is equivalent to good and interesting communication on topics other than clothing and everyday life.

If suddenly it offended you because your 25th girl is a candidate of all sciences and you are always interested together, then know that we are not talking about you, but about others. Everything is OK for you – live.

Why young men find older women so appealing

Most of them cook well

After all, a long time ago the period passed when she trained her culinary skills on guys, and she had time to learn. Therefore, if you are finicky in food, then such a girl will definitely suit you. They can sometimes cook anything from anything.

You will probably be surprised that you can come up with something from the products that you are used to throwing away. This is not a reference to poverty, but to the ingenuity and its culinary talents. In addition, if she is an adult, then she probably knows how to use delivery (like a young one, of course, but she is better, she uses it longer).

These girls are confident and more stable is why some men prefer to date older women

You must have noticed more than once how this young and they strive to do something to get out of this or to seek attention where this is not necessary. But a mature woman likes to be herself, without this pretense of pathos and masks, and not prove anything to anyone.

Her relationship is calm and peaceful, she, most likely, has long found harmony, found herself, the work of her life, which takes some part of her time, so that she will not bother you with excessive attention. Her self-confidence and demeanor are good for her and attract you and the rest of the men. And it will not depend so much on you if it is financially stable, which once again suggests that she chose you for some other qualities other than the availability of money and an apartment.






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