Why Do We Lose Friends With Age?

Why Do We Lose Friends With Age?

For many people, friendship is an informal relationship that is voluntary, which ultimately makes friendship defenseless against life circumstances.

On the basis of friendship, we learn to build relationships in the family, with colleagues at work and in love relationships, but, alas, for many, friendship loses its significance with age. This is a very sad fact when once close people with common interests gradually move away from each other. Yet research confirms that friends are very important for a person’s happiness. Friends can influence how many years you live and how many emotions you can endure by having friendships and how strong your relationships in the family will be.

Why Do We Lose Friends With Age?
Why Do We Lose Friends With Age?

Why Do We Lose Friends With Age

Friendship is a voluntary choice of everyone, unlike family ties. In childhood and adolescence, friendship comes first in interpersonal relationships. We learn selfless relationships. We have connections based on a common interest and hobby, we learn to respect each other, understand and provide assistance. This follows personal sympathy, affection, which affects the most intimate, spiritual aspects of human life. Friendship is considered one of the best moral feelings of man.

Since it is human nature to change, friendship changes over time, so do the person’s requirements for his friends. In friendship, it is wonderful that people remain, friends, simply because they want it because they chose each other. But this also prevents us from maintaining a friendship for a long time, because you can also voluntarily stop dating without regrets and obligations.

Change of priorities – Why Do We Lose Friends With Age

Childhood and adolescence are periods when almost everyone can have friendly relations because we are open, we are interested in everything and we have enough time, we are practically not burdened with responsibilities. We develop and absorb different experiences from different people. Alas, with age, a person acquires more and more new responsibilities: personal life, family, children, work, etc. appear. Less and less time is left for friendship. But as you know, if you don’t keep the fire in the fireplace, it will go out sooner or later, and friendship without regular communication fades.

Restriction of social environment

With age, the social environment of a person is limited to work and home, which does not contribute to maintaining friendship and, as a result, there are fewer and fewer reasons for communication. Work colleagues also do not add variety.

Relocation – Why Do We Lose Friends With Age

Relocations become part of the life of modern society – this negatively affects our social connections. And even modern technology is not able to replace live communication. But man is so arranged that he will prefer work and family to friendship. Although it hurts to leave your friends, but this is a certain stage in life.

Education and career

The priority of education and career for a person is higher than friendship, although friendships helped strengthen your inner world and understand yourself. There is a share of those who chose the path of development, and friends only pull down and do not want to develop. And how many people broke their friendship just because they had a higher social status? We are forced to state that a person behaves selfishly, possibly following his convictions that friends should entirely comply with the invented ideal pattern.

Disappointments – Why Do We Lose Friends With Age

Past negative experiences of friendships are also one of the key points why a person begins to give up friendship and communication. Past betrayals and disappointments do not fully trust new people and acquaintances. Faced with toxic friendships, experiencing painful breaks and disappointments, we experience enormous stress that can cause us not only psychological but even physical harm.

” Cliche ” of friendship

The most important relationships in a person’s life are relationships with a partner. This dogma has destroyed quite a few friendly bonds and is fundamentally not true. It turns out that without friendship, a person remains lonely and alone with his problems, and this is even more felt when there is not a very partner who had high hopes.

Substitution of concepts

We are also often mistaken when we cannot separate loyal friends from good acquaintances. Yes, it is possible that with someone we know we can spend an evening that does not oblige us, or go to the theater and cinema, but this is just an illusion. But for a sincere conversation and trust, you are not ready to be open.

Freedom and self-knowledge

Sometimes we are forced to leave a friend in order to become ourselves. Breaking up friendships at the initial stage of growing up is an important part of personal development. We inevitably form our individuality and self-awareness based on our environment, in which we either strive for certain people or push others away.

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Not having friends at all is an even more sad fate. Researchers say that without friends we experience a wild feeling of loneliness that can cause the same torment as hunger or thirst. A connection was found between loneliness and problems such as depression, obesity, alcoholism, problems in the cardiovascular system, sleep disorders, hypertension, early development of Alzheimer’s disease, as well as a cynical view of the world and suicidal thoughts. Man is a social creature by nature, and avoiding interaction with friends, we deprive ourselves of a full life. Keep and take care of friendship, work on yourself and do not be selfish!

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