Karmic Horoscope: Who Were You In A Previous Life By Birth Date

Karmic Horoscope: Who Were You In A Previous Life By Birth Date

Karmic astrology is an amazing science. It not only tells us about past reincarnations of the soul but also accurately guesses the goals of its embodiment in the current image.

In fact, this type of astrology allows us to better know ourselves and understand our true purpose.

Who Were You In A Previous Life By Birth Date

Karmic Horoscope: Who Were You In A Previous Life By Birth Date
Karmic Horoscope: Who Were You In A Previous Life By Birth Date

We are accustomed to the fact that astrology accurately describes the nature and habits of man. But even she, at times, comes to a standstill. Take for example the twins. People born in one month and one day, with a difference of several minutes, have completely opposite characters, and their fate develops in different ways. How to explain this?

There is no contradiction, given that the souls of the twins have different potentials. One soul is young, and the other has already experienced several reincarnations. That is, karma is a reward for a person for actions and behavior in a past life. Hence the main question of our discussion – who were we in a previous life? To understand this, just know the date of your birth.

Karmic Sign Table

from 01/28/1949 to 08/17/1950

from 09/09/1967 to 03/29/1969

from 04/20/1986 to 11/08/1987

In a past life, you were an esthete, and a rather talented person who had popularity. You were drawn to luxury, although you did not have enough money to live the way you dreamed. The desire to get into the “high society” pushed you to reckless and thoughtless actions, which not only did not help to achieve the desired, but were condemned by society. You had a family, but you did not keep her loyalty. You lived an interesting life, but you were not able to fully realize yourself.

In today’s life, you should realize your potential, but this time without fraud and forgery. And further. In order not to repeat karmic mistakes, do not rush to marry until you meet a person whom you will love with all your heart.

from 02/19/1966 to 09/09/1967

from 10/01/1984 to 04/20/1986

from 05/25/2003 to 11/30/2004

In a past life, you were distinguished by a tough, authoritarian character that caused others to suffer. Disregarding the opinions of others, not thinking about the feelings of other people, you destroyed the fate of people, taking care only to get what you want. By the way, you were distinguished by an indefatigable sexual passion, which in the end, and drew a line under your life. Others noted your irrepressible nature and desire to seek profit in everything.

In today’s life, you have a chance to rehabilitate yourself, which means you can start helping other people and become more sympathetic to others. Enough shocks and a permanent nerve. Try to find peace of mind and live in harmony with the world.

from 12/22/1945 to 07/11/1947

from 02/02/1964 to 02/19/1966

from 03/14/1983 to 01/01/1984

In a past life, you were a prominent and respected figure. People around you listened to your opinion and obeyed your orders. You had a wealth of managerial experience, although you didn’t understand very well what you were informing others about, and therefore, you often gave out what you desired for reality. It is likely that people suffered from your categorical judgments, but you, being at the top, simply did not notice this.

Now the time has come to pay the bills, which means you should be prepared to try on the role of a fighter with the system, its inoperative laws and illegal decrees. Help those who suffer from those in power, and thereby you will find peace of mind.

from 01/13/1963 to 08/02/1964

from 08/25/1981 to 03/14/1983

from 04/05/2000 to 10/24/2001

Throughout your life you tried to succeed and enjoy the power. However, you constantly lacked something: support, knowledge, tricks. You probably lacked sociability, as you could not boast of extensive connections and loyal friends. And relations with the opposite sex were not easy. It has always been difficult for you to show your feelings and be completely frank with your loved one.

The present life has been given to you in order to show your best side. Create a family and feel yourself under its reliable protection. And also, make friends and develop with them. It is much nicer and more productive.

from 06/26/1961 to 01/13/1963

from 02/05/1980 to 08/25/1981

from 10/17/1998 to 04/05/2000

Your opinion has always been different from the majority, you urgently needed freedom and independence, and therefore at some point you simply ceased to consider yourself a part of society and even opposed yourself to it. Perhaps that’s why you didn’t have a love relationship. Considering yourself as a pronounced personality, you simply did not find a person who could become your support.

You are talented and have ideas that can bring undeniable benefits to society. Bring them to life for the joy of others, and not in order to amuse pride. Then the people around you will be drawn to you, recognizing you as a real genius.

from 12/07/1959 to 06/26/1961

from 07/19/1978 to 02/05/1980

from 02/27/1997 to 09/17/1998

In a past life, you did not achieve great heights, because you lacked perseverance and character. Possessing a sharp mind and vivid imagination, you, nevertheless, were subject to the influence of others and more often did the will of others, rather than doing what you dreamed about. Everything was aggravated by total irresponsibility and laziness, because not one of the cases that could glorify your name was completed.

In this life, you should take yourself in the hedgehog gloves and stop being lazy. You have good potential, but you need to show willpower in order to develop and achieve harmony.

from 05/20/1958 to 12/07/1959

from 12/29/1976 to 07/19/1978

from 11/11/1995 to 02/27/1997

In the last reincarnation, you lived detached, completely immersed in yourself and studying the world around you. You may have been involved in complex scientific work that has seriously affected your personal life. Relations with your loved one did not work out, again because of your busyness and dedication. You probably even decided that the family is not for you and you are not ready to restrict freedom.

It is time to turn to yourself and give vent to your feelings. Only living in love and harmony will you be able to create, and most importantly, share the richest experience accumulated both in this and in previous lives.

from 11/30/1956 to 05/20/1958

from 06/12/1975 to 12/29/1976

from 01/21/1994 to 11/11/1995

You lived a comfortable life in which there was no place for suffering and hardship. You were very attached to one place, and therefore did not actually travel. In addition, addictions and bad habits fascinated you. For the rest, you were absolutely happy with such a measured life in which you quietly accumulated material wealth and did not deny yourself anything.

Today’s life will require you to change and develop, and this will cause you suffering. You may not have enough motivation, but it is in your power to find an incentive for life and development.

from 04/13/1955 to 10/30/1956

from 11/22/1973 to 12/12/1975

from 04/04/1992 to 01/21/1994

Your past life was accompanied by sheer frivolity and irresponsibility. You lived one day, without being attached to anyone for a long time and without experiencing craving for a certain place of residence. Playing with the feelings of others, you felt comfortable, not thinking that you were hurting someone. The main credo of your life was personal freedom and independence. You were not serious about life, but there is nothing reprehensible in this.

This life has been given to you so that you stop running from responsibility and find the main goal of your life. You must be involved in all processes, learn, develop and strive to implement your plans. And also, help people and never deny them support.

from 10/23/1953 to 04/13/1955

from 05/04/1972 to 11/22/1973

from 12/15/1990 to 04/04/1992

In a previous life, you were constantly hiding behind your family. They had to solve any questions and problems, while you locked yourself in all the locks, not deciding to take responsibility and face the truth. Having lived your life, you never matured, constantly being in your fantastic dreams.

It is possible that in this life you are completely alone, because in this embodiment the main task of your soul is to nurture responsibility in you. But even if you are surrounded by a family, life will throw you through difficult trials, forcing you to bear the burden of responsibility alone, both in the family and in professional activities.

from 03/06/1952 to 10/23/1953

from 10/16/1970 to 05/04/1972

from 05/28/1989 to 12/15/1990

Arrogance and selfishness were your life credo in the past incarnation. You put yourself above other people and looked down on those who did not correspond to your status. You are constantly attracted to the high society – to luxury, wealthy people, power and permissiveness. And let you not reach the heights you dreamed about, in your sphere you reveled in power over people and came to be known as a real tyrant.

In today’s life, you will have to forget about egoism and go through many hardships and hardships in order to understand that real life is not castles and wealth, but true human values ​​- love, friendship and loyalty.

from 09/17/1950 to 03/06/1952

from 09/29/1969 to 10/16/1970

from 11/08/1988 to 05/28/1989

In your previous life, you were an assertive and purposeful person. You were distinguished by cruelty towards others and incredible confidence in your own rightness. You suppressed your own desires and aspirations, because all your strength was devoted to achieving the result. At the same time, you trusted only propaganda ideals, completely not listening to your heart. Obviously, you have lived an extremely active, but at the same time deeply miserable life.

In today’s life, you must abandon materialism and patriotic slogans in order to look into yourself and learn to listen to your own heart. Only when love settles in your heart will you become a different, much better person.





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