Where To Start Self development

Where To Start Self development: Some Useful Tips

A few tips and tricks on how to start self-development:

why does a person need it, on what points is it best to concentrate on, and how to plan an action plan to achieve your goal.

Where To Start Self development - how to start self-development
Where To Start Self development – how to start self-development

If a person strives to achieve some heights, he is necessarily faced with the need for internal work on himself. And here the question arises: where to start self-development so that everything goes on like clockwork? We disassemble. Without self-improvement, without internal work on oneself, it is always challenging to achieve any results and become a truly independent and happy person. If you decide to become inwardly higher and rise above your own shortcomings, the first question that you will encounter is where to start self-development, which will give real results? The first step on this path is the most responsible.

Why do you need self-development?

Why do you need self-development?
Why do you need self-development?

First, determine your motivation:
why did you suddenly need self-development? What results do you want to achieve? What made you think about this issue? Maybe the motivation will be one, or maybe the whole set. But it is the correct definition of the stimulus that will tell you where to start self-development and in which direction to move.

Significant other

Great motivation for your own growth! And it doesn’t matter: do you want to get married or you just need to achieve some kind of person – love works real miracles. And for the sake of your beloved, cherished, coveted second half, you will go on diets, quit smoking and start going to the gym.


With the advent of a child, a person changes internally and understands that for the sake of this tiny creature, one must already be more serious, responsible, wiser. For the sake of the child, you will learn how to cook not only porridge – you will try to be an example for him and turn from a frivolous hang to a caring parent.


It is also a powerful motivation when you want to achieve a high position, universal respect and a decent salary. And for this, you will learn to abide by the dress code, be strong and be able to hold a frontal attack.

Respect for others

Perhaps you are tired of being on the sidelines when no one pays attention to you. Well: self-development will help you to show and show yourself in all its glory.

You can say that none of this exists in your life, and you just decided for yourself to do self-development. 
It is commendable, of course, but this is not such a powerful incentive as the previous four. In this case, you have to customize yourself.

What is the main thing in self-development?

When the stimulus is determined, it’s time to set priorities for yourself. What exactly would you like to change in yourself the most? In what direction will you start your self-development?


If your weight goes off the scale for 90 kg for a long time, you still wear round glasses in a horn-rimmed frame for 80 rubles, and your hair looks more like a tow than a hairstyle, it becomes quite clear why you decided to do self-development. Without a well-groomed look, you will not seduce a person you like, nor will you achieve much success at work.


This priority becomes paramount if you tortured all the family and others with your bad character. Yes, it has already been formed and you will not be able to change it, but, nevertheless, you are able to control your emotions.


This factor is important in self-development for those who feel a huge gap in their education and upbringing. If you haven’t received this and sometimes can’t keep up the conversation about Antonio Gaudi, for example, because you are completely unaware of who this is, you should start self-improvement from the very educational moment.


Yes, this is also a very important priority if you abandoned it. Feel free to go to the hospital for an examination, go in for sports, normalize your diet and sleep – that will become the primary tasks for you in your self-improvement.

So, the priorities are set, but it is still not clear:

Where to start self-development in practice?

Where to start self-development in practice?
Where to start self-development in practice?

Self-development begins with a plan

And it’s better to start self-development with a plan. Knowing your motivation and priorities, you can easily do it. For example, your motivation is career, your priority is education. So make up a real plan for yourself, and what do you want to achieve:

  • master oratory (learn to speak beautifully);
  • increase your intelligence (there are many ways to do this);
  • increase your erudition (start reading books);
  • become more cultured (learn etiquette);
  • become more educated (apply for higher education), etc.

And all in this vein. Just don’t grab it all at once. Decide for yourself what to do first of all. Have completed one – proceed to the next. 

In the survey, where to start self-development is very important, because it is he who will direct you in the right direction and will allow you to achieve your goal. 
Without willpower and confidence, you will not succeed. At this stage, it is very important to think carefully and draw up a plan – everything else will go like clockwork. And we will try to support you with our articles.

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