When Women Earn More Than Men

When Women Earn More Than Men

This is about those women who earn more than men, and not about those who are barely picking themselves up on tights. But time passes in such a way that now women who earn more than their male partners face many other problems. Mostly because their men cannot handle playing the second violin. And what are men going to be in such situations?

When Women Earn More Than Men

They lie about their own income – When Women Earn More Than Men

From the sense of shame that society imposed that a man should be the main breadwinner. Of course, it’s sad for the man that he is not the main economic alpha host. But women, in turn, are ready to glorify his ego and downplay their own earning opportunities because of respect for the useless medieval norms around who should support whom.

Such a man is once again afraid in society to say out loud that he earns less than his wife, because this will give rise to a series of ridicule and censure from friends, acquaintances and colleagues. And in this regard, complexes are developing that are primarily reflected in the family.

When Women Earn More Than Men
When Women Earn More Than Men

Force wife to do more housework – When Women Earn More Than Men

The separation of domestic work in marriage has always been one-sided, and women still do most of the housework. This is another remnant of the suffocating old family archetype in which the husband is the breadwinner and the wife is the housewife. What is even stranger is that women who earn more than their male husband do additional homework instead of doing their own personal affairs (straighten hair there or go to a fitness club).

The fact is that a man may feel a bit hurt by a woman who earns more than he does. Thus, each washing of linen can become another alarming concession to the male ego. My dishes, dude! At least sometimes. There is nothing wrong with that. Especially if it was not bought with your money.

Men are cheating

Good old treason and made its way here. It is clear that some guys don’t feed bread, let another woman cuddle. But for 138 reasons why the guys are cheating, one more thing is added: a more financially prosperous woman. How it works? First, the wife begins to lose respect for her husband, then he begins to feel exhausted, and then sex completely stops. Terminates with his wife, but begins with another woman. Sometimes guys, in order to somehow keep their self-esteem afloat, go in search of adventure in order to prove to themselves and the world around them that they are still capable of something.

Men are dying

Well, also a way out. But not everything is as simple as it might seem at first glance – everything is interconnected. You get a rich woman who works, develops, does not sit still. Then you look at yourself in the mirror and do not see these or those qualities. Stress begins depression, listening to sad songs in the headphones. And this cannot go on forever, no matter who says it. But saying “all diseases are from nerves” makes sense. First, the ulcer will open there, then in another place something will pop out – well, that’s all. But not all women are equally adequate – there are those who reproach you endlessly for something. They sometimes manage to reproach even a person who contains the whole family – that they should do the same, but in a situation where she sits on a bag of money?

From all this, we need to draw the right conclusions. The world does not stand still, and all people move. If we began to objectively evaluate guys who spin in front of a mirror for an hour before leaving the house, why don’t we stop paying attention to women who earn more than us? Earns and earns – will get less time with his moronic conversations. And if she is successful in her career and generally smart, then most likely these conversations will not be so moronic.

You can enjoy her money. Of course, you should not become Alfonso, but if she is all that kind of a businesswoman, then why not just enjoy it? They somehow live with the thought of new sneakers that they will receive as a gift, so the peasants need to learn how to live like this. After all, new sneakers are always better than dying from a stroke. But the main thing is not to turn into an alpha. In everything, you need to know the measure.

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