When To Choose Career Over A Relationship

When to choose career over a relationship

for every person, that choice will be an individual, but before you do it, you need to tell the truth to yourself what you want out of life: waking from sweet kisses and endless phone calls from her colleagues.

The man is so arranged that when he has a loving wife, excellent back-gnaws, he wants a chic house and live alone, and when he has such a house, he does not want to come there, because he feels lonely there.

When To Choose Career Over A Relationship
When To Choose Career Over A Relationship

For example, professional gamer and personality Douglas Martin (also known as FaZe Censor) announced on the video to his 2.5 million subscribers that he had parted with weather forecaster, celebrity and model Janet Garcia to devote more time to his professional career in computer game Call of Duty.

Here is what he said about this: “This is the career I want. I want to win the cup. I want to win the world championship. Of course, I dream to calm down and have children and all that in the future. But now I want to compete in Call of Duty in my life because I like it. “I really love to compete, and I’m going to do my best to become a champion.”

Soon after it, Douglas Martin ended his career without having won the cup, was kicked out of the team (apparently because he threw such a model for the sake of games), and was left with nothing, but at least he was honest with himself and his girlfriend.

Ask yourself what matters most to you – When to choose career over a relationship

If you feel that a partner is not as important as a career continuation, perhaps this is simply not your partner, or perhaps you are a careerist and love affairs are in the background. This happens in every way from time to time, although no one is ever going to hurt their loved one.

For someone, there is nothing more valuable in life than learning to love and be loved in return: to celebrate failure together, have sex and make each other laugh. For some, a sense of love contributes to success: it’s hard to imagine any career opportunity that could begin to compete with being in a relationship with such people.

In other words, the fact that you are even considering this decision probably means that the relationship has gone downhill, and a career is just an excuse to get out of it.

Now there are so many opportunities to work remotely – there would be a desire. But the most important work of all time is to raise good children so that they bring a glass of water in old age. But on the other hand, if you are fabulously rich, a servant in porcelain or crystal glassware will bring you a glass of water.

As you can see from the examples, people more often choose a career instead of love, but is it love, if it can so easily give up? She could take him with her to Moscow, or that gamer – just talk to her girlfriend that she would not be able to pay attention to her for a certain time.

Do not say too much in a relationship

If you have a serious relationship, then what you should not do is to threaten that you will leave. One of the worst things that can be in a relationship is the threat of separation, even if it is done for a good reason.

A good reason for you is not necessarily a good reason for her. You always need to put yourself in the shoes of a partner: how would you react if your half showed up in the evening with the news that she is now not just working in Bershka, but from now on she is the administrator there and you are no match for her? Bad news, of course.

Look according to circumstances – When to choose career over a relationship

Ultimately, it all depends entirely on the partner: if you are a careerist and your partner always helps you and supports you, believes in your success, tells you what to do in a given situation.

then it’s stupid to leave such help, even as a careerist but if your girlfriend forever puts you in the wheel, does not believe in your success, aching, selfishly declares that she does not have enough time, then you can’t even build a career with McDonald’s with such a person. Therefore, if your half is adequate and correctly selected, these questions, as a rule, will disappear naturally.

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