What You Lose When You Sacrifice Something

What do you lose when you sacrifice something

Relationships are arranged so that sometimes, in order to keep them in harmony, it is necessary to make concessions, to sacrifice something. And the difficulty lies in finding a balance between your needs and the needs of a friend or partner. This balance is necessary so that life does not turn into a series of actions for the sake of others. Otherwise, sooner or later, you will catch yourself thinking that you are not living your life.

So that you can switch, change your mind, come to your senses (call it what you want), we would like to draw your attention to what you lose when you consistently make sacrifices. Understanding these things will help you realize whether there is this necessary balance in your relationship with others or not.

What You Lose When You Sacrifice Something

What You Lose When You Sacrifice Something
What You Lose When You Sacrifice Something

Mood – When You Sacrifice Something

For example, you planned to celebrate the New Year together with a girlfriend or wife. And it seems as you discussed it, agreed on the details (holiday dishes, some of your own rituals, and so on). Two days before the holiday, you are inspired, pack gifts, prepare a script for your night.

But suddenly her mother calls and says that she is left alone in the New Year, and this, of course, is sad. Of course, the discussion will begin with the option of celebrating the New Year with mom. Well, as a discussion – here, consider, and there is no choice. Just agree.

You agree, and it seems like it’s right, you’ve done well. But inside the sediment remains, because the plans were different. To make a problem out of this and find out the relationship is not beneficial for anyone: a holiday is on the nose – you need to maintain your mood.

That’s just the mood you keep for others, and not for yourself. In order not to offend the mother of your girlfriend, you pretend that you are satisfied, that you are happy and happy, and that inside there is all sorrow. And examples of situations when you make concessions and lose everything you planned, plus your mood – don’t cook the pot.

Your mood is incredibly important because everything depends on it: the ability to work, desire to create, desire for anything, the mood of others and sometimes their health. When such situations arise often (in friendship, in love – it doesn’t matter), it’s worth conducting a thorough conversation with people, finding some compromise, opening their eyes to the fact that there are quite a lot of selfish moments on their part, and something needs to be done with this make. In the end, all patience has a limit.

You lose Passion when you sacrifice something

Continuing the theme of the affairs of the heart – your sacrifices and concessions may cause indifference between you. Not so, of course, that everything, you do not care about each other, but passion will fade, and between you, there will be a cold. When you do everything right, at maximum speeds, and help your partner, gratitude turns into taking things for granted. Not in the sense that she will become ungrateful towards you, but your actions will become something ordinary for her.

Helped with cleaning, prepared dinner, managed a mountain of dirty dishes – well done. But always sacrificing your time to save a person from some worries and troubles is wrong. Yes, this behavior is dictated by a sense of care, but do not overdo it. A drop, so to speak, of proper indifference, some kind of inaction are logs that revive the extinguishing fire.

Being too right is bad for a relationship. Sometimes a girl may think that you spend more time pleasing her than on your interests and useful things for yourself. The idea is that women do not like it. To everything else, an ardent desire to make concessions produces a change of roles, and there can be no talk of passion.

She will come home from work – the floor is washed, the food on the stove. She goes to the bathroom, and then, tired, go to bed. It turns out that you are, as it were, taking away her opportunity to do something upon returning home. And this leads to boredom and apathy. In general, it is necessary to do all this in a dosed manner and to devote time to yourself.

You loose Time itself

When you do what you constantly go to meet others, you lose a lot of your time. Of course, in old age you will have something to be proud of: you devoted your life to helping loved ones. But regret for missed opportunities will be more than such pride. Time is the most valuable thing you have. Yes, it needs to be dedicated to loved ones, but it needs to be used for yourself, and not just for work and sacrifice.

You are here to live and create. Remember this. The mood falls, the passion fades, time passes – all this can lead to a depressive state, which will have sad consequences. When you don’t feel that you are living your own life, you, accordingly, do not quite understand who you are. And how to do something in life when you are deprived of the idea of ​​who you are in it?

Stay kind, understanding and caring. Make concessions when necessary. But do not let people abuse your kindness and use your time whenever they please. Find a balance in relationships with others – and then you will find yourself.






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