What to do if he does not call

What to do if he does not call?

Relationship psychology: what to do if he does not call

A battered life situation, everything was fine, but suddenly he stopped calling, writing, calling out on a date. What was the reason?

What to do if he does not call
What to do if he does not call

1. He checks the girl for strength of character.  -What to do if he does not call

This is often found, especially at the very beginning of a relationship, when people do not know each other well and try to figure out what to expect from each other. The man is wondering whether the girl herself will run after him, if he ceases to show initiative, whether he will suffer and be nervous.

Tip: to pull yourself together and try to get distracted by other activities, for example, go to a good place with friends, where all problems are forgotten. It is very important in this situation not to take the initiative into your own hands, because the man is only waiting for this. Only a week after silence, you can find out if everything is good, but nothing more. You can not pester a man and reproach him with the fact that he forgot about you, scandals and obsession will only frighten away the partner.

2. He is not sure whether to continue the relationship. – What to do if he does not call

If your relationship should move to a new stage, a man may doubt the correctness of his strategy and whether you are his woman. The same thing can happen with a representative of the fair sex, only in most cases, women share their feelings with a partner, and men prefer to take time to think and not tell anything.

Tip: Give the man everything to think it over, your questions will only scare him away. When he makes a final decision, he will report. In the meantime, keep silence.

3. He is afraid of his feelings. This happens if a man feels that he is falling in love. Men are very careful about their feelings and their manifestations, they are afraid that they will not be understood. Therefore, in order not to plunge into the whirlpool with their heads, men prefer to take pauses in order to wean a little from their women.

Tip: Relax, because if you are not indifferent to him, he will soon contact you and invite you on a date.

4. He had another. This happens, and here you already can’t change the situation in your favor, because it is up to him to decide with whom and how to be. A man may be afraid to tell you this news, because he knows that it will cause only anger and tears. – What to do if he does not call

5. Advice: If your man chose another woman, then perhaps it is better to try to quickly forget about him?

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