What The Meaning Of Life By Jordan Peterson

What The Meaning Of Life By Jordan Peterson

Meaning of Life Jordan Peterson – What is the true meaning of life? Jordan Peterson explains the meaning of life.

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Maybe you think no, life isn’t that hard, it’s like not only is it that hard, it’s even harder than you think. So you’re going to be tested, that’s for sure. And if you have a sustaining meaning then there’s there’s, well Nietzsche said himself “He who has a why can bear any how.” Why would you look in the darkest places? Because in the darkest places you can find what still shines. If it can shine the darkest places then you know it’s a real light. – What The Meaning Of Life

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And so you look at things you don’t wanna look at. You have to look at the things you don’t wanna look at. Well why do meaningful things? Well, first of all, what is meaning? But then why do meaningful things? And the answer is well because life is suffering and malevolence. It’s ineradicable at its core. It’s like that will take you out. Make no mistake about it. You need something to, you need to be armed with virtue in order to, for that not to turn into. Really. You really need that. And it isn’t just your. That’s bad enough and that can be really bad.

Especially when you’re contributing to it. Right? Because then not only are you suffering but you know you’re the agent that’s producing the suffering. And then maybe that’s not just for you, it’s like you’re taking it out on your family, if you’re really good at it you’re taking out large swaths of your community, that’s. It’s like that’s real and no one with any sense and any experience has any doubt that that’s real. And then they could’ve easily think of how even though it’s already bad, you could make it way worse. Everyone knows that.

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So what’s the bulwark against that? Nobility of purpose. That’s it. You have that, then you have something to set against the suffering and the malevolence. And you need, it isn’t optional. That’s not optional. You cannot live without it. Meaning is not optional, right? Well that’s why it’s such a deep instinct. It’s an instinct – meaning. It’s the instinct of life. “My life is meaningless” is the spirit has gone out of you. And you know modern people it’s part of this process of criticism. We criticise the idea of meaning so much that we don’t really believe in it anymore.

What The Meaning Of Life By Jordan Peterson Quote
What The Meaning Of Life By Jordan Peterson Quote

It’s like well that’s fine, you can not believe it but try living without it, see how far you get with that. You need a reason to get out of bed on a terrible day. Okay what’s that reason gonna be? Well, let’s think it through. You know people who can get out of bed on a terrible day. Do you admire them? Yes. What are those people like? Are they taking responsibility for themselves? Definitely. Do they have excess capacity so they’re taking responsibility for other people? Yeah. Are they doing difficult things? Yes.

What The Meaning Of Life By Jordan Peterson Quote
What The Meaning Of Life By Jordan Peterson Quote

Obviously, the more you respect them, the more you also see that they’re doing difficult things and doing them well. So what does that mean? Do some difficult things. Do them well. So pick up your goddamn burden and walk up the hill. Yup, I get it. And people do get it. And it’s not surprising because that’s the alternative to. It’s like accept the burdensome condition of suffering, voluntarily, and you’re transcended. It’s like you’ve got a problem with the world?

Hey man, no wonder you have a problem with the world. Like the world is a pretty rough place and it could use some work. It’s like have you done all your work? If the answer to that is no then I would say put in order what you can put in order. It’s like well you have a problem, okay. What’s the problem? What are its constituent elements? What are the smallest implementable steps that we can take to start to address the problem?

What The Meaning Of Life By Jordan Peterson Quote
What The Meaning Of Life By Jordan Peterson Quote

Implement the best plan that you have at hand. That’s it. You’ll learn. It won’t be the right plan. Doesn’t matter you’ll learn, implementing that plan and you’ll learn a whole bunch and then the next plan you make will be better. Implement the best plan you have at hand. Don’t remain in stasis. You get old way way faster than you think. Time ticks away man. Get at it. Get out there in the world. Have your adventure. Get the out there. Do something. Fail. Fail while you’re trying. Then you’ll learn while you fail, then won’t have to fail again. It’s like aim at something and progress towards it. And you know be willing to change your aim because what the do you know?

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