What Men Judge – How Guys Judge Women

What Men Judge – How Guys Judge Women

A gorgeous figure, juicy lips, bright and attractive eyes – all these are pretty familiar things that are part of the image, the template by which men evaluate women. No, we do not say that all the images of dream girls include celebrities – this is just an example. An example of how to briefly describe the criteria that play an important role in choosing a partner.

However, we understand that everything is a little more complicated, and besides points on the exterior, there are other, non-trivial ones. For example, a girl can have an incredibly beautiful appearance, but at the same time not have a sense of style and look too simple.

Or she cannot show emotions, and she always has a dead shark look. Based on the results of studies and surveys, we have collected several atypical criteria that are very important when choosing a partner. Perhaps you will learn something new for yourself and begin to pay attention to what you have not noticed before.

What Men Judge - How Guys Judge Women
What Men Judge – How Guys Judge Women

What Men Judge – How Guys Judge Women

Correspondence style

Perhaps for someone, this does not matter, but still, most of us pay attention to the little things when communicating in social networks or instant messengers. For example, when they write a sentence for a word in a message, this is an unpleasant trifle. Or the more mistakes are made in correspondence, the more you begin to doubt the seriousness of the girl.

A discount can be made only to tech girls for whom the Russian language is a dense forest. Most often they don’t know how to correspond (this is about mistakes, and about that which is boring), but they communicate with those who are of interest to them.

A ton of emojis, with or without, vivid, soulless pictures of congratulations and poems can indicate that you are communicating with a rather frivolous girl. Well, or at least with a girl who does not have a sense of style. A person with taste does not use colorful pictures, and if he uses emoji, it is always out of place and in reasonable quantities.

Taste in clothes and color preferences – How Guys Judge Women?

In 80% of cases, the first impression is correct. Making the first impression twice is impossible, and it is worth keeping in mind both girls and men. During the first meeting, we pay special attention to the appearance of the woman – we evaluate her taste and ability to combine things.

A short skirt is not the best option for the first meeting. Even if, in general, her bow will be successful, a quick wardrobe item automatically makes you think of frivolity, lack of serious intentions. Jeans can talk about an active lifestyle, and, for example, a pantsuit – about readiness for a serious and long-term relationship. As a rule, girl’s wardrobe is large, and examples can be given endlessly.

If we talk about color preferences, here, as with the choice of clothes, there are psychological principles: for example, pink – softness and femininity, black – elegance and severity, red – energy and passion. But you should understand that this does not always work.

For example, a frivolous girl can dress up in bright pink sweatpants and an acid green jacket. Does her color choice, in this case, speaks of femininity and softness? I think no. Preferably, about the common desire to look bright. Perhaps someone likes this. However, we are talking about what we pay attention to in principle, and not about the tastes of everyone.

What He’s Judging You On

The ability to show emotions without words

One of the most important indicators is speaking and sometimes inconspicuous movements on the girl’s face. The manifestation of emotions is simply necessary in order to understand the reaction to our words and actions, because girls do not always talk about what they like and what don’t, and prefer to communicate in hints.

Building a healthy dialogue with a person whose face can be called a poker face is very difficult. And to enter into a relationship is more expensive for yourself, whether it’s the case when you have the opportunity to notice pursed lips that indicate resentment or disappointment. Or dilated pupils – a lively look that speaks of surprise. All this helps to see the necessary changes to adjust their behavior in accordance with them.

Selection of alcoholic beverages – How Guys Judge Women?

If a girl from alcohol prefers nothing, it’s good (or not). But if she is not an opponent of alcoholic beverages, her preferences are given special attention. Girls who like beer are usually not very favored. The choice of this drink, like a short skirt, speaks of frivolity and frivolity. But this, of course, is not an axiom. If she likes to crush two and a half “Beer” watching the series – this is an alarming bell. But if she is one of those who understand beer and uses it for the sake of taste, do not worry. This seems to be quite normal.

The love of strong drinks for men is alarming. In principle, the desire for them among men is disturbing for women. The main thing here is to understand the difference between “drink” and “drink.” In general, when a girl chooses, for example, vodka or cognac, this is regarded as a kind of rudeness, the severity of character. It is not easy to get rid of stereotypes; therefore, according to most men, the best choice of alcoholic beverages for women is wine or light cocktails.






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