What Karma Has For You In 2020 – According To The Zodiac Sign

What Karma Has For You In 2020 – According To The Zodiac Sign

Karma is capable of both moving us forward and destroying everything for which we spend our strength and energy ….

On the eve of the new year 2020, many of us are trying to set certain goals: we plan what direction we will move, what we want to do and what we hope to achieve. Meanwhile, much will depend on our karma, which is capable of both moving us forward and destroying everything for which we spend our strength. So what kind of surprises does karma prepare for each zodiac sign?

What Karma Has For You In 2020

What Karma Has For You In 2020
What Karma Has For You In 2020

Most people have a basic understanding of the concept of karma. Acting as a cosmic justice system, karma on its scales weighs everything we do good and bad. Therefore, we will have to pay for all toxic and negative words and actions. However, if you make an effort to become a positive force in this world (even if it requires personal sacrifice), you will certainly be rewarded for it. Sounds simple enough, right?

The problem is that only a few of us are able to take one side or another fully. Most religious teachings say that the commission of mistakes, sins is the very foundation of “human existence.” We are not talking about the fact that we ourselves make an existential choice to live a “sinful” life in order to leave home tomorrow and kill someone on the street. No, it all depends on our small decisions made every day. Have you held the door for an older woman? Did you cut someone else’s car on the way to work? It is from such small deeds that our karma is formed.

Most likely, you do not keep an active record of everything that you say and do. Do we have time for this? But here is the good news for you – based on the personality traits of the representatives of each of the signs of the zodiac, experts can make a qualitative forecast of what you are likely to expect in 2020. Of course, there are exceptions for each rule, but this prediction will at least give you an idea of ​​what you should expect …

Aries – What Karma Has For You In 2020

You will be pleasantly surprised to find that karma works in your favor next year. At the beginning of the year you will find that you exist in a state of calm, which will be the basis for the whole of the coming year. This will be a great time for you to introspection and personal growth, as you will not feel burdened by life chaos. Take this opportunity to make yourself and your life better.


This is not to say that the first half of 2020 will bring you a lot of good, as you will start it with some problems in your relationship with a partner. This will be a real challenge for you, which will be very difficult to cope with. In this way, karma encourages you to deal with all your unsolved problems. However, if you, having spent time and energy, untied this knot, then you can fully expect that in the second half of the year peace and balance will return to your life again.


You are used to driving life along the road at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. But next year, karma is going to teach you important lessons. Suddenly, your life will turn upside down and break into many fragments. At first, all these circumstances will make you feel depressed, but do not let this feeling destroy you. Taking one small step after another, you can gradually reassemble yourself over the course of a year.

Cancer – What Karma Has For You In 2020

What Karma Has For You In 2020
What Karma Has For You In 2020

Great news! All the efforts that you put into the people around you, taking care of them, will pay off in 2020. It will be an incredibly optimistic and successful period of life, since karma will fully work for your benefit. But still try not to relax too much. If you begin to take all successfully developing circumstances for granted, karma will quickly change your attitude from “plus” to “minus”.


You have made some dubious decisions lately, so it’s time to get back on track. At the beginning of the new year, karma will make you experience several events that will allow you to realize how unsettled life is. This will be a soft reminder to you that you need to monitor the energy that you give to the world. You should not worry too much about the failures that you will encounter, so try to keep your head high and maintain an optimistic outlook on life, and you will see how it literally changes before our eyes for the better.


At the beginning of next year, you will have to repeatedly experience quite serious anxiety on a variety of occasions, as the plans for karma make you leave your comfort zone. But keep your head up – all these events will be not only a punishment but also a reward, even if you have a different opinion on this. Why? Yes, because in 2020 you have a chance to get everything you dreamed about, but only if you are not afraid to take risks for this. So how much do you want to achieve your goals?

Libra- What Karma Has For You In 2020

During the year, you may encounter some difficulties and obstacles, but in general, in 2020 you will find a fairly favorable forecast that will allow you to feel certain life stability. Achieving stability and balance is your ultimate goal, so you will be happy, although people around you will look at your joy with skepticism. But do not allow their slander to overshadow your holiday.


You probably won’t be surprised that karma has several lessons for you next year. After all, you are not quite the one who plays by the rules in life, is it? Yes, you will encounter some problems and difficulties, so the most important thing you should do in 2020 is to focus on maintaining your relationship with loved ones. They will help you break into the other, brighter side of life, and your connections with them will become even stronger thanks to this.


There is no doubt that 2019 was a stressful and challenging year for you, so the forecast for the coming year should please you. 2020 will be a period of calm for you, during which you will observe how your work is bearing fruit. After each successfully completed business, you need to set new tasks, but these must be real goals so that you don’t have to give up too quickly and become disappointed in the enterprise that you started.

Capricorn- What Karma Has For You In 2020

The year 2020 will give you the impetus you need that will help you gain confidence in yourself, and it, in turn, will have an incredibly positive impact on your relationship. If you are in a long relationship now, then it’s time to move on to the next level. Meanwhile, if you start this year in the status of a “loner”, continue to keep your heart open, and then you will have a real opportunity to end it in a pleasant union.


Obeying your impulsive nature, you often get into trouble, so karma decided to teach some important lessons. Next year, you will often have to feel discomfort and anxiety, which can even cause a little pain. But know – everything that happens to you, everything will be for the better. As soon as you learn to keep your impulses under control, you will notice that it has become much easier for you to achieve the goals that you set for yourself.


Karma will give you amazing opportunities – just keep your heart and mind open. For example, you may be offered a new, more promising job or you will begin career growth at your current place, you may begin new relationships, you can open your own business and more. If you feel inspired to start the year with dramatic changes in life, do not hold back! Just do it.

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