What is the secret of a successful relationship?

What is the secret of a successful relationship?

At the beginning of the relationship, everything works somewhat alone. Both are in love with each other, the hormonal storm is intensifying and it seems to us that it is finally the right one. We’ve been waiting for him for so long. Now everything will be beautiful, nothing better could meet us.

But just as every storm ceases, so does the hormone. Everything gradually stabilizes, and although we love, we begin to see the cracks. Among the rituals, we are progressively stealing a stereotype that most of us are not willing to admit. Every now and then, we feel that it is not entirely that something is missing in the relationship. Maybe new experiences, passion, adrenaline. The intoxicating feeling of falling in love is gone, is it logical, and a little stereotype does belong to the relationship? Or not?

Surprise yourself

Make various surprises without a valid reason. Just make each other happy. Stereotype and boredom kill passion. You may not realize it, but boredom is the end of many relationships. You may be familiar with words: we have run out of fuel, somehow it has run out, etc. This does not happen when you are surprised by something, doing something new and adding new experiences to your common account.

What is the secret of a successful relationship?

Confidence – Secret of a successful relationship

The truth is that there is no guaranteed instruction for a happy and successful relationship. However, some rules are worth following in a relationship. Undoubtedly, this is trust. Never take your partner into your mobile, email, etc. If you are not asked to help with something, find out something. It is necessary not to climb into the space of another person.


If you have any doubts, ask. If anything bothers you, just say it. Do you have any wishes? Say them – the other can’t see into your head. Without excellent communication, your relationship will have serious cracks.

Respect – Secret of a successful relationship

Do you love or have an idea of ​​a person? That’s a big difference. If we love man, then we must love him unconditionally and not try to change him in our own image. If one tends to improve, remodel, then it is not pure love for that person. Such a relationship will be about quarrels and discomfort. And always speak for yourself. Never say, we want … your partner may have a different opinion. He’s not hired you as a spokesperson.

Thank you and ask

It doesn’t matter if you’re together for a year, two, five or ten. Asking and thanking is the basis of decency, and the big mistake is when this magic word evaporates from the relationship and the partner’s actions become commonplace.

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