What is self doubt and how to overcome it?

What is self doubt and how to overcome it?

Self-doubt: what is it, can it be overcome?

Self-doubt, a sense of one’s helplessness is often only a manifestation of what does not exist. How to cope with self-doubt, how to overcome the fear of being yourself. We will examine these and many other issues in more detail.

What is self doubt and how to overcome it?

What is self doubt and how to overcome it?
What is self doubt and how to overcome it?

One can safely say that in the world, there is no such person who would never come across something new, frightening: unique circumstances, new people, new places. On the one hand, a feeling of insecurity is a regular occurrence, but only when it is one-time and temporary. 

What to do in those cases when a person is always in this state, and it prevents him from living?

Psychologists say that self-doubt is, in most cases, the fear of being yourself. It has a fairly large number of manifestations, but its essence is unchanged: a person is afraid of self-realization, to show his personality, to demonstrate true feelings. This condition is directly related to the desire of everyone to love and to be loved. A person is deeply and sincerely confident that no one can love him because he is bad; he is not worthy of it. It is this condition that prevents a person from being truly happy.

Is it possible to identify a person who is unsure of himself by external signs? -What is self doubt and how to overcome it?

 When you observe that a person seeks to be friendly, active, but at the same time nervously gesticulating, fussing, this suggests that he feels insecure, but is actively trying to hide it. A confident and calm person is distinguished by a measured speech, the absence of sudden movements. But even in this case, it is essential not to confuse uncertainty and active temperament. For example, choleric people are people who are prone to sudden movements; they can quickly speak, actively gesturing with it. At this point, it is recommended to pay attention to the speaker’s posture: an insecure person can give out a hunched back, stooped shoulders. Looking at him, it seems that he wants to disappear without attracting too much attention. – What is self doubt.

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Signs of Self Confidence

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What is self doubt and how to overcome it? Self confidence

 It may seem that external signs can easily and simply determine a self-doubt person: he does not want to be in the spotlight, tries to be unnoticed, ignores noisy companies … But this is far from the case. An introvert, for example, is able to manifest itself as well, but at the same time, he can be confident in himself, and such behavior only indicates that he simply loves solitude. Uncertain signs can also be judged on insecurity, which should be paid special attention to.

A person compares himself with others, but this comparison is almost always not in his favor.

So, for example, looking at her friends, the girl concludes that she is less attractive; therefore, in the company, she prefers not to attract too much attention. A man actively litters money, splurge, but at the same time complains that he was less fortunate with work than his friend.

Lack of initiative, the desire to avoid responsibility.

“I don’t care,” “as you want, so do it,” “decide for yourself” – phrases characteristic of a person who is unsure of himself. But, it should be noted that this is not proof that a person does not have his own opinion, his desires. He is afraid to take responsibility.

Inability to refuse.

An insecure person often does away with his desires, highlighting the desires of others. He can leave everything and, despite his plans, rush to help others. Do not confuse this with the usual desire to help. Such people are simply afraid to look selfish, to offend someone, but at the same time, they themselves can tolerate an egoistic disregard for themselves.

Arrogant behavior.

It is very difficult to believe that arrogance is one of the manifestations of self-doubt. An arrogant person asserts himself at the expense of others, trying to overcome his inferiority complexes, but one only needs to point out to them how he becomes aggressive, begins to defend himself. A self-confident person is able to perceive criticism without taking everything into his own account adequately. He perfectly understands that each person has his own opinion.

Self-doubt is a feeling worth working on because only a confident person is capable of self-realization, self-development, and self-manifestation.

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