What Is Eternal Love?

What Is Eternal Love? Eternal Love Is When You Make A Choice Again And Again

You will not find the perfect person who will never disappoint. None of us are not without flaws, and you, including. And when these shortcomings surface, you have to make a choice. Very often and all my life.

Once I met a young man, let’s call him Brad. And then one day he ran to me all excited and said: “Listen, I read in the New York Times an article that experts made 36 questions, the answers to which help establish a deep connection and closeness of two people. In fact – to fall in love with each other. Let’s take this test, it should be very interesting! ”

What Is Eternal Love? Eternal Love Is When You Make A Choice Again And Again
What Is Eternal Love? Eternal Love Is When You Make A Choice Again And Again

What Is Eternal Love

Being very emotional in nature, I certainly agreed. Moreover, the researchers claimed that they really would “fall in love” with two people using well-formed questions. At first they were very light and simple, then – more complex and defining.

So, Brad and I decided to give fate a chance: to take a chance and take part in the experiment. However, despite the fact that these questions helped us to get to know each other better and become much closer (I admit, even cry at times), we did not fall in love with each other. Which is to be expected, of course.

Surprisingly, when we broke up with Brad, for some reason I often remembered this experience of ours. Indeed, in fact, this young man seemed to look into my soul when we sincerely and honestly answered questions. Nevertheless, he looked around, thought and decided that this was not for him. Now I recall this with some horror: “Lord! I don’t share these things with anyone! ”

But that was a few years ago. And although Brad and I did not succeed, I had many new meetings that were designed to catch up. After all, I really wanted real love! And each of the guys assured me in his own way that he loved more than life.

Nevertheless, today I am with Him. Thus, the only man. Why exactly him? Why, among all, it was he who stayed by my side, and today I can’t imagine that everything could have turned out differently?

Naturally, each relationship ended for some reason. That is, in our unions there were some special, “unique” flaws.

To love is a unique ability and at the same time art, because we can improve in it, developing certain skills and abilities.

As the American writer, author of the series of books “Five Languages ​​of Love” by Gary Chapman said: “It’s easy to fall in love. But continuing to love is the problem. ”

In order to make a decision to “continue to love,” we must make a choice:

No matter what happens, in moments of doubt, will we still choose love for this person?

Are we ready to do this, even if one day he does not choose us?

Uncertainty in love scares and disturbs.

How can we know that someone will become a great partner? The father of our children? A team player who will always shoulder up and help in difficult times?

How can we know that they will not betray us? What will not break the heart into small fragments? What will not take advantage of our vulnerability and will not give up?

And the answer is damn simple: no way.

We do not know how our life will change in the next second or in a few years. And this is especially true when it comes to love.

But the fact that we cannot be sure of anything does not mean at all that we should not even try.

Love is a choice. You meet a person who makes your heart beat faster. The person with whom you enjoy spending time, having fun and walking under the moon. You can imagine yourself next to him in old age, surrounded by children and grandchildren.

So you choose it. You choose life with him. But this is not the only time you have to choose.

Because from time to time you will be overcome by doubts. In the end, life is life, and your partners will repeatedly offend you (knowingly or subconsciously) and disappoint.

And the choice really comes down to whether you can, whether you are ready to work on relationships, despite all these points. To work sincerely and diligently, because the very fact of staying with loved ones is worth it.

I hear the words of my current boyfriend: “I love you and want to be with you forever.”

But how do I know that his words will always be the same? I can’t know for sure. But I can believe that he chooses me, and this is the most important part of this equation.

He chooses me. And I choose him. I hope this is she – true and eternal Love.

We are open and sincere with each other. And we constantly pass a kind of exam in front of each other. After all, we are not passive observers, but we show emotions, we are afraid and afraid of something, every day we open something new in our partner. Yes, we understand that life can develop in different ways, and we, like other people, will have bad times. But we are sure that we have everything in order to overcome them. Namely – the willingness to choose each other, no matter what.

And all this, wrapped in a package with the inscription: “Our Love”, will pass the test of time rather than physical attraction and passion.

This is because we both make a choice.

Recently I listened to a speech at TEDx Talk, in which one woman talked about how she fell in love with the help of … a questionnaire. He and the young man answered a number of specially designed questions, after which they realized that they were simply made for each other. It was Mandy Len Katron, who wrote that article in the New York Times about 36 issues that could make people fall in love.

By the way, in the comments on this publication, readers tried to learn more about her relationship with their young man. Everyone wanted to know if they were still together. But she answered very laconicly and carefully, because the success of their relationship was not at all connected exclusively with these 36 questions “for creating love”.

Because the success of their relationship was based on something else – on choice.

When two people choose to love each other. Or do not choose.

Just like Brad and I, who did not make this choice.

Just like my current boyfriend and I, who made this choice.

Of course, there are many shades and nuances in love. But the eternal love that can be won as a lottery does not exist.

You will never find the perfect person who will never disappoint you. Because such simply does not exist. None of us are not without flaws, and you, including.

And when these flaws surface (and this is an inevitable process), you have to make a choice. Very often and all my life.

After all, this is the secret of eternal love.






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