Admit how many positions do you use in your intimate life? Three four? The usual thing. Five six?

Surely in your love arsenal there is one the most-favorite sex positions. Have you ever wondered why you like her so much? Because it’s convenient? Because all the most sensitive places are involved? Not only.

Often, it is not physiological, but psychological reasons that make us choose our favorite position . Knowing in which position a person makes love, you can tell a lot about him.

How many sexual positions there are?


Indians and Chinese, who were knowledgeable in love affairs, counted dozens of poses for making love. Serious sexologists divide all poses (starting from a simple missionary and ending with those that can only be copied by a couple of yogis) into six main groups: (“man on top”, “woman on top”, “man on back”, “on the side”, “ sitting ”and“ standing ”).

When you entered the wild age of the frenzy of hormones, youthful acne and erotic dreams, which books quietly procrastinated under the pillow and hid from your parents? 

That’s right, all kinds of editions of some “Peach Branches” and other “Kama Sutra” home-made. So what’s next? You grew up, settled down, started a family … and found that you do not want to do acrobatics in bed at all – you prefer several proven positions. And not because they are especially convenient, but because they are psychologically comfortable.

However, if you think that something like “a man’s torso angle of more than 45 degrees indicates good volitional qualities, and a woman’s habit of throwing her left foot on her partner’s shoulder is about secret dreams of treason,” you are mistaken.

Universal interpretations do not exist. Moreover, each of us can see in the same position a diametrically opposite psychological subtext: from a demonstration of love and trust to the desire to morally humiliate and suppress. It all depends on what kind of fantasies run in your head and your partner.

Let’s try to sort these fantasies. Two authoritative people will help us in this – the Russian psychologist Nikolai Sherstennikov and the Polish sexologist Mikhailina Vislotskaya. She came to the idea of ​​finding a psychological interpretation of sexual poses, constantly encountering such a strange thing in her practical work – it would seem that certain poses anatomically fit a particular pair.

But when these couples began to practice them, their sex life went wrong. Why? Yes, because psychology harshly intervened. Therefore, the conversation will be, in general, about her, darling. And not about the technique of sex.

“Feet up!”

Nikolai Sherstennikov writes that the choice of the style of intimate relationships is highly dependent on your sexual psychotype. There are four such psychotypes:

  • parent (female mother, male father);
  • child (female daughter, male son);
  • aggressor;
  • passively subordinate.

According to the psychologist, there are no “pure” sexual psychotypes in nature – just as there are no “pure” temperaments. At different times in our lives, we are pleased to be a passionate “aggressor” and a gentle “child.” But some of the patterns of behavior is still preferable.

The combination of two psychotypes that are suitable for each other largely determines the sexual harmony of the couple. But, for example, if you are an “aggressor”, this does not mean at all that the “passive subordinate” partner will be the only acceptable for you. On the contrary, he can get bored quickly. But paired with another “aggressor” your life, oddly enough, will become bright and interesting. Any combination has its own interesting sides.

Perhaps, only “son” and “daughter” will not be able to get along with each other: both are too infantile.

Of course, the sexual psychotype cannot but influence the choice of love poses. The Russian psychologist considers the pair “mother” – “son” to be the most universal in this sense: trying to please her “son”, the “mother” is ready for anything, and this “everything” brings her considerable joy.

Daddy’s girl Fantasy

The pair “daddy” – “babygirl”, as a rule, unconsciously chooses the position “man behind”, but only if the “babygirl” will lie on his side or sit on the “daddy’s” lap. And he will stroke her defenseless back, kiss on the neck, hug, warm and patronize.

A passively subordinate woman will gladly respond to a proposal to make love in a knee-elbow pose. But God forbid to offer this option to a woman-“aggressor”. It’s very interesting how different psychotypes perceive the classical pose “man on top” differently: if the “daughter” or “passively subordinate” prefer to open up and take the spouse into themselves simply, then the “aggressive” lady should … put her feet on her partner’s shoulders: “Although I am from the bottom, my heels are still higher!”

Man from above – SEX POSITION

However, the position “man from above” is the most widespread and the most ambiguous in the sense of its psychological interpretation. Therefore, we will begin with it.

“And talk?”

The poses “man on top” and “woman on top” can be called the most “human” love positions – not only because they are extremely rare in the animal kingdom, but also because they satisfy one of the main human needs: “And to talk?”

Even if a couple makes love silently , you can still look into the eyes of a partner. In those that are the “mirror of the soul.”

But the psychological implication of the “man from above” posture (just like any other!) Can be completely different. First, the good news – men often love this particular situation, because in it they feel like real protectors of their loved ones.

Covering a woman with himself , the man protects her from any troubles, envelops him with his tenderness and love. If the husband and wife are tuned to the same wave, then a woman in this position may feel some special security. In addition, it is precisely from below that it can more fully open towards the partner, demonstrating the highest degree of trust.

Now about the bad. For the “upper” partner, the “man from above” pose can literally “crush” a woman, depriving her of the ability to move. Sometimes she, poor, can hardly breathe. Somewhere I read the scornful nickname of such men – “sandwiches”. In the sense that he, she and the bed are something like a hamburger, in which a woman is given the low-honored role of a steak.

Missionary position – SEX POSITION

If your man, instead of gently covering you, is simply leaning on top, this is an occasion to think.

And a woman can perceive a missionary position as an expression of her complete indifference to what is happening – she lay down and looks at the ceiling with a bored look: whitewash it or wallpaper over it? That is why some people associate the pose “man from above” with the annoying phrase “conjugal duty”.

Woman on top – SEX POSITION


It is quite another matter if a woman is on top. There can be no question of any “suppression of female nature” here. This position, from the point of view of the fair sex, has two huge pluses. The first is purely physiological: a woman herself can choose a convenient “angle of attack” and a rhythm of movements, which means that she will almost certainly get satisfaction.

The second plus is psychological, very simple: it’s nice, damn it, at least sometimes to be on top. For example, if you are naturally an active lady who always loves and has everything under control. Or if in everyday life you too often have to obey men …

Women fro

It would seem that this is the most “feminine” posture that all women seem to like, without exception. However, there are among the ladies those who cannot stand the position of a “woman from above”. And, of course, it’s not at all due to physiology (that’s just all right with that) – just such women perceive this pose as … an additional burden on servicing their beloved husband: “First, stick in the kitchen, clean the apartment, and then another and work for him in bed! ”Therefore, if the husband likes this situation, and the wife is categorically against it, this is a serious reason to think about the distribution of responsibilities in the family.

In men, this pose seems to be no objection either. On the one hand, in this position he can control the time of the onset of ejaculation much longer. On the other hand, enjoy even when very tired.


There are (and quite often) types who believe that a partner, sitting on top of him, belittles his manhood. For the most part, these are already mentioned “sandwiches”. They don’t understand that giving joy to a beloved woman is not a humiliation …

“Like dogs”

Doggy style – SEX POSITION


Probably no other pose has as many ardent opponents as the notorious knee-elbow pose. To make it easier to start such a slippery topic, I’ll tell a joke.

A middle-aged couple comes to the sexologist and complains about incompatibility. After talking with them, the doctor understands: the thing is that the couple for many years uses only a missionary position. She fed up with them. But both are brought up in such a way that they cannot express their wishes plainly: any conversation on these topics drives a husband and wife into the paint. They gave their doctor more hints about their problems. Fearing to offend the shyness of the spouses, the doctor advises: “You should change your position. Try it … uh … like dogs. ” A month later, the couple again went to the doctor. A happy and contented husband rushes to the doctor: “Thank you, doctor! Now we finally know what happiness is! The wife, however, at first was shy in public … “

There is a joke in every joke, the rest is true. In this pose there really is something “dog”, an animal. By the way, types are really too sometimes fond of her, for whom the main thing in sex is not just to dominate a woman, but also to crush her.

By the way, often the act of rape occurs in this particular position.

But there are quite a few couples who like the knee-elbow pose for several reasons. Firstly, because “animal” sex is perceived as something natural, spontaneous and … free from obligations. And the point here is not that the partner is on all fours, but that the man and woman do not see each other’s faces. So, they can freely fantasize about anything without worrying how the partner will react to it.

I am already silent about the fact that this is one of the few poses, especially comfortable and physiological in the last stages of pregnancy.

Finally, there is another, completely polar “animal” interpretation of such a pose

– The position, which for some can be humiliating, is perceived by some couples (loving and harmonious), as the highest degree of openness and confidence of a woman in relation to a man. Because she (the woman) not only demonstrates to him that part of the body, which “in society” is considered ridiculous and indecent, but in this position remains completely defenseless. Appreciate!

Standing Sex Position


“Let’s do it fast!”

I won’t open America to anyone if I say that the bed is far from the only place where you can make love. This can be done, in principle, anywhere. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are poses suitable for quick sex. First of all, a standing pose.

She is, to put it mildly, not the most comfortable. But many like it just for psychological reasons. Standing pose symbolizes speed, ease and … optional in intimate relationships. Women who are still in the “initial stage” of relations with their beloved and dream that these relationships will develop into something more over time should be wary if a man prefers a standing pose.

In addition to some lightness and optionality, it attracts men also because it gives them a sense of complete ownership of their partner: they caught, quickly fell in love with where they had to and ran on.

Sitting Sex Position

In contrast to standing poses, sitting poses (also, admittedly, not very comfortable from a technical point of view), on the contrary, favor a slow, thorough and unhurried love affair. The psychological subtext of such poses is equality, closeness, human contact. People who like to have sex while sitting, as a rule, more than anything in the world value the “luxury of human communication.” And for the sake of this, you can suffer some physical inconvenience!

On One Side Sex Position


The same can be said about the poses “on one side ” : “We are not in a hurry, but slowly savor every movement, every fleeting expression of affection for each other.”

From all the above, we can conclude that our main erogenous zone is still between the ears. That is, in the head. Of course, the idea is not new. But it’s nice to remind you once again that if you have harmony in your soul and good relations with your “half”, then everything will be all right in bed too. And any pose for making love will be chosen by you not for reasons of self-affirmation, boredom, insecurity, but in order to decorate the main thing that is in your relationship – love.

The white tiger creeps behind and

One of the earliest and most authoritative “sexologists” was the medieval Chinese philosopher Dongxuan Tzu. In his treatise on love, he wrote: “Among the poses of intercourse, there are ways to stretch and bend, enter and exit, deep and shallow blows. I collected and described them. “My follower, can you truly appreciate all the miraculous nature of this?”

However, the medieval sage was interested not so much in the naked technique of sex, as in the mysticism of the love act connecting Yang and Yin – male and female. Poetic names of postures and body parts give a special charm to the Chinese love treatise, for the designation of which in our language there are only obscene expressions or medical terms (which, in my opinion, sound a little better than a mat).

Frankly, I still blush when I read about the “insertion of the penis into the vagina.” Agree, the phrase “the jade stem is deeply drawn into the cinnabar hollow” sounds much more beautiful!

Man from above – Sex Position

Different variations of the classical pose “man from above ” are called by the Chinese as soon as they appear: here you see “Bird Peng soars above the abyss”, “Swallows in harmony of the heart”, “Weaving silkworms”, and “Wild horse racing”!

Women from above – Sex Position

A woman from above – “Butterflies flutter in the air” , “A monkey embraces a tree”, “Cat and mouse in one hole”. Standing pose – “Bamboo, clinging to the altar.” And just listen to how marvelously the positions “man behind” are called: “Jump of the white tiger”, “Hounds on the ninth day after the onset of autumn”, “Donkeys during the third lunar month”. Finally, “The Mandarin Ducks Merged Together” (the man at the back is approaching his chosen one lying on his side).

Mandarin ducks symbolize Chinese happiness as married, duck figurines are given to married couples, and wedding halls are decorated with images of mandarin ducks. Young lovers are called “mandarin ducks in the dew.”

Now think, can a Chinese woman consider the “man behind” poses offensive to female dignity if the magnificent White Tiger jumps on her from behind?

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