Ways to get close to a guy without having sex

Ways to get close to a guy without having sex

25 ways to get close to a guy without having sex

Let there be romantic and intimate moments just for you two.

Ways to get close to a guy without having sex
Ways to get close to a guy without having sex

1. Lying next to him on the bed, hug him from behind. Make him feel safe in your arms. Let him believe that your strength and love can protect him.

2. Play with his hair, slide your fingers through his locks. There is nothing of the kind in this gesture, but at the same time it is very intimate. – Ways to get close to a guy

3. Draw patterns on your back with your fingers. No matter what you draw, the main thing is your touch.

4. Take his hand when he is driving If he holds the wheel with both hands – put your hand on his hip. This touch does not have to have a subtext and you don’t have to say anything. Thus, you do not let him forget that you are near.

5. If he has a beard – stroke it. He feels the same when stroking your hair. Such touches are also very intimate and bring you together. – Ways to get close to a guy

6. The next time you hold his hand, try playing with his fingers or stroking the inside of your palm.

7. Massage him, rub his muscles, squeeze them. Show him that his efforts in the gym were not in vain.

8. When you are in bed, try to sleep with your head on his chest. Or fall asleep on the couch with your head on his lap. This demonstrates that next to him you feel calm and safe.

9. Kiss him on the shoulder. Such a kiss does not have to lead to sex. Let it be a romantic and intimate moment just for you two. – Ways to get close to a guy

10. Approach him from the back and hug. Men like such unexpected manifestations of tenderness, even when they do not expect them at all.

11. Hug him lying side by side in bed, but make it so that you look into each other’s eyes. Thus, you can lie in an embrace and at the same time kiss.

Ways to get close to a guy without having sex
Ways to get close to a guy without having sex

12. When you are sitting next to – put your head on his shoulder. This is another way to show him how you care about him.

13. When watching a movie or your favorite series, sit on its knees. At such moments, you don’t even need to say anything, because such intimacy helps you express your love.

14. Bury your nose in his neck, as if you were two playful lion cubs. – Ways to get close to a guy

15. When you go near him, periodically touch his body with yours. Thanks to this feeling of closeness, it will seem to him that you are only two, even if there are hundreds of people around you.

16. Sitting on the floor, turn your back to him and sit between his legs. Let him know that you can trust him in any position.

17. Slap him on the pope. This is one of the playful ways to express your affection and also, it is secular.

18. Give him a head massage. Men like this, besides it helps them to relax. Plus, you can also play with his hair.

19. Stroke his hand. Most likely, he often does this, so do not forget to reciprocate. Believe me, this will drive him crazy.

20. Lean against his chest and listen to how his heart beats.

21. When he takes your hand, squeeze his hand in response. Make him understand that you are not taking his touch for granted.

22.Slightly scratch his back. All men secretly like it.

23. Send him a goodbye kiss.

24. When he is going to work in the morning, straighten his tie.

25. Gently kiss him on the forehead and try to put all your love into this kiss.

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