40 Ways To Be Physically Intimate With Your Woman

40 Ways To Be Physically Intimate With Your Woman

40 Ways To Be Physically Intimate With Your Woman

Physical intimacy is a very important aspect of any romantic relationship. Many couples make a mistake, allowing it to recede into the background over time. You need to maintain a deep passion for your partner. And in fact, much depends on your conscious decision to constantly take care of this side of the relationship.

40 Ways To Be Physically Intimate With Your Woman
40 Ways To Be Physically Intimate With Your Woman

Ways To Be Physically Intimate

Proximity is built every day. Never ignore the little things, because they play a huge role in the fate of your relationship.

  1. If you need a couple of ideas to get as close as possible in a relationship, then check out the list below. In it you will find several ways to establish physical intimacy with a beloved woman, not directly related to doing this.Play with her hair, remove it from her face.
  2. During a passionate kiss, keep your hand on her chin or cheek.
  3. Surprise her with an unexpected hug.
  4. Squeeze her hand tightly if she is cold, if she is unsure of herself or she is scared.
  5. place hand on her lower back when sitting next to her.
  6. Touch her hair while kissing.
  7. Hug with her while lying in bed.
  8. Periodically dance slow dances, even if music is not playing.
  9. If you both have not seen each other for a while, hug her with your arms raised.
  10. Let her hold your hand as you walk.
  11. Let her lay her head on your lap while the two of you sit on the couch. – Ways To Be Physically Intimate
  12. Kiss her forehead more often.
  13. Before you kiss, look into her eyes.
  14. Put your head on her chest and let her caress you.
  15. Holding hands, rub her thumb with yours.
  16. Massage her back after a long working day.
  17. Take a picture of her until she sees, and then show her the photo.
  18. Comb her hair. -Ways To Be Physically Intimate
  19. Let her play with your hair back.
  20. Whisper something pleasant in her ear while in the company of other people.
  21. If there is no free space around, put her on your lap.
  22. If you can’t walk next to her, always skip ahead.
  23. Cook her breakfast before she wakes up.
  24. Let her have fun if she wants to drink, and be around when she gets drunk.
  25. Massage her legs.
  26. Let her take as many selfies as she wants.
  27. If your hands accidentally touch, do not pick them up.
  28. Help her undress. – Ways To Be Physically Intimate
  29. Enjoy a hot bath with her.
  30. Gently push her when she makes you laugh.
  31. Kiss her on the neck.
  32. Do not let go of her hand while in the crowd.
  33. Tickle each other.
  34. Hug her, wrapped in a blanket on the couch.
  35. Send her kisses and wink at her from a distance in a public place.
  36. Gently kiss her on the shoulder. – Ways To Be Physically Intimate
  37. Give her a meal in the restaurant from your cutlery.
  38. Go jogging or to the gym together.
  39. Rub her hands if you see that she is frozen.
  40. Tear her off the ground while kissing.

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