9 Types Of Women To Avoid And Not Marry

9 Types Of Women To Avoid And Not Marry

When meeting you, it may seem to you that the girl is absolutely normal, with the exception of some little things. But after some time, you may suddenly realize that these very features are actually a warning. Be careful and avoid some types of girls.

9 Types Of Women To Avoid And Not Marry

Types Of Women To Avoid And Not Marry
Types Of Women To Avoid And Not Marry

1 Drama lover

Scandal from scratch – this is her middle name. You can literally be guilty of everything: you said something wrong or with “wrong” intonation; said nothing where she was waiting for your words; decided not to laugh at the right time or, on the contrary, did not appreciate her jokes. In any case, at this very moment, she will inexorably bring down her anger and resentment on you. Moreover, the more attention you pay to the frustrated and, most likely, tearful girl, the longer you will have to beg her forgiveness from her and the higher his price will be.

2 Avoid completely dependent women

No, it’s not about bad habits. It’s about you. You are her main addiction. She literally can not live a day without meeting you, calls you every five minutes and is offended if she does not receive instant answers to her messages (and it does not matter that you are at work). Oh yes, if you suddenly say that at the weekend you are going to visit a local bar with your friends or go fishing, you will have a hard time. She’s not going to share you with anyone, so she’ll most likely be confronted with a choice: she or “these are your friends,” having previously hit her in tears.

Types of Women to Avoid Dating

3 Chameleon – Types Of Women To Avoid

She believes that the path to the heart of any man is similar to his interests and outlook on life. Do you like football? Be sure, she also fell in love with him as soon as she started dating you. Like to watch horror movies at night? She can close her eyes on every scary scene, but at the same time, she will still say that she is delighted with the viewing. She will agree to do whatever you say, even if she does not have the right to her opinion or preference.

4 Saw

She is confident that she helps you by expressing constructive criticism. In fact, the only thing she shares with you is complaints. Not necessarily on you or the relationship that binds you. But the problem remains the same: the girl spreads the negative and complains about everything, while you play the role of the first one that came to hand. That is a pleasure.

5 Riddle

At first, you may even like this quality – it intrigues, fuels your interest in the girl. She does not tell much about herself, more often she is silent and listens to what you say to her. But the more serious your relationship, the more such a mystery begins to infuriate. A logical question arises: why is it not revealed? Most likely, you are not destined to find out the answer to it, since this is just a type of person. And most often – a person who is not ready for a real trusting relationship.

Types of Girls You Should Avoid Dating

6 Hunter for wealth

Well, not necessarily for wealth, but at least for a man who has money. No, now it’s not about the girl’s normal desire to be with a financially stable guy who, if something happens, can provide not only herself but also her. A true wealth hunter is one that is literally ready for anything for the sake of money.

How to recognize her? Yes, Easy. She will show interest not in you, but in your wallet. She will not give a damn about where and with whom you spend your free time if only you would not forget to give her expensive gifts and drive her to shop. All your conversations will most likely come down to money and your earnings. Also, a girl of this type will complain about enviable regularity about financial problems that she herself can not solve. Of course, with a hint of your help.

7 Owner

This is a real overseer because it requires maximum dedication to your affairs. She is obsessive, imperious, unceremonious. It’s almost impossible to argue with her – you can’t even try. She does not perceive the answer “no”, sees in your friends almost her competitors, decides what your plans for the weekend will be without even consulting with you. If you accidentally did not answer her call, you can start writing a will. Behind such fighting behavior is most often a girl who is very afraid of losing you, so she prefers to keep the situation completely under her control.

Types Of Women To Avoid And Not Marry

8 Dreamer

It is as if she lives in another world – the world of her fantasies. She sees only what she wants to see, hears only what she wants to hear. In general, it is selective in this regard, therefore, it easily ignores information that for some reason does not want to perceive. To reach out to her or to convey some kind of problem is extremely difficult, if at all possible. She masterfully avoids any conflict situation and at the same time pretends that everything is fine.

9 Princess

No, she may not need your money. But do not rush to rejoice. She needs a special attitude – like a princess. She insists that everything be as she says. She’s spoiled – waiting for you to do something for her. And if you refuse, then she begins to complain that you do not care about her or you don’t value enough like her.






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