7 Things Woman Notice On a Date

7 Things Woman Notice On a Date

How to leave a positive impression after a date? We decided to find out from the girls from our editorial office what they pay attention to when they meet a guy.

Things Woman Notice On a Date
Things Woman Notice On a Date

7 Things Woman Notice On a Date

1 Sense of style

Clothes should be selected for a specific case, and it is easier to make a list of what, according to the girls from our editorial office, should not be put on a date:

– “Grandfathers” jumpers and vests. You consider it a vintage style – she will take it for your lack of taste and money for clothes.

– Slates, flip flops, or sandals. Girls considered combos with long socks to be one of the worst options that would make them turn around and leave without even saying hello.

– Rings, large gold chains, and other “rich” accessories for the show.

– Clothing that makes a guy feminine or, conversely, “pseudo-brutal.” Nothings with skulls, roses, rhinestones, feminine, delicate flowers. According to the girls from the editorial office, to fasten a pink polo close in tone to a pig’s is one of the surest ways to cause antipathy.

– Well-worn and dirty shoes. By the appearance of your shoes, the girl will determine whether you are watching yourself or not, even if, in everything else, you are dressed with a needle.

Worst of all, if backs hang, and pieces of dirt fall from a sole. In the autumn-spring period, it will not be possible to avoid contamination of shoes, but you can always come on a date early and prepare by brushing your shoes.

The main thing is to be neat and courageous because at first, she evaluates you in appearance (in fact, as you do here).

2 Perfume is one of the Things Woman Notice On a Date

Most men do not know how to use perfume and splash it in randomly selected places. However, perfume should be applied to the so-called warm temperature points of the body – those where the arteries approach closest to the surface of the skin. It is worth putting cologne on the inside of the wrist, on the neck in the area behind the ear and on the shoulders.

In these places, the skin heats up most of all, and the aroma applied to them reveals itself most vividly. If you want the aroma to last longer and open gradually, then you should apply perfume to the chest. A shirt or T-shirt will soften the effect, and a pleasant, subtle aroma will come from you.

Where exactly the cologne should not be applied is in the armpit area. Perfume mixed with sweat forms extremely unpleasant and repulsive odors.

Things she will definitely pay attention to on a date

3 Gentlemanly conduct

Here are a few basic rules that definitely will not go unnoticed:

– Cover her with yourself. If you are walking along a road, choose the side that is closer to the roadway. “Give way to her and sit down only after her.” In this case, do not do it too demonstratively, so as not to lead the girl into an awkward position.

– Hold the door. Do not overdo it and do not run to the door in front of you, if only to let your girlfriend forward in advance. Let it be natural.

– Wear heavy things and an umbrella. A gentleman will not allow his lady to wear something heavy. As for the umbrella, firstly, most of the guys are taller than girls, and secondly, it is more difficult for girlfriends to cope with strong gusts of wind.

“See her home.” Or at least to a stop. You may need to go to the other end of the city, but she won’t appreciate it if you drop her in the middle of the road and move in the opposite direction. “Give her compliments.” Surely she dressed beautifully, prepared for a date, and an appropriate compliment in her direction would be warmly received.

4 Generosity – Things Woman Notice On a Date

No, it’s not about a thousand and one roses on a first date or a new iPhone, but about more mundane things. For example, if it is cold outside, then invite her to sit in a cafe or go to an event held in a warm atmosphere. Do not prove to her that the weather is perfect when you bite your teeth yourself, just to save a few hundred rubles.

An even more disastrous option, according to the girls from our editorial office, is only to seem generous, but in reality, to be a goon. Example: you go to a cafe, and you offer to treat her. She agrees, makes an order; you look at the price and understand that this is not an expensive pleasure. If you tell her “choose something else” or “something you’d rather not sit here – let’s go to another place” – you will cause her anger.

And don’t forget the flowers. But if the date lasts more than half an hour, it is better to buy flowers in the final meeting. Firstly, this way you will make a greater impression on the girl, and secondly, she will not have to walk with a rather uncomfortable and heavy bouquet, which in cold weather or heat simply breaks up into components. It is advisable to find out which flowers the girl likes and which she hates, so as not to spoil the date and give good emotions.

5 Respect for her beliefs and limits

No need to try to prove that she is wrong in something because she likes you and has her own opinion, beliefs, and principles. And you, while a stranger trying to teach her, cause only irritation and anger. As for border crossing, there are some topics that you should not talk about on your first dates or mention them too often. Also, do not get too familiar, and in no case, go to the person, even as a joke.

6 Eye contact – Things Woman Notice On a Date

Many girls noted that direct eye contact is important to them. If you constantly look away when you meet her gaze, then this indicates a constriction or even fear of the interlocutor. Girls immediately feel this, and they become uncomfortable.

Worse if you constantly look at the phone. Firstly, this way you show the girl that at the moment you are more interested in what’s on the phone, and secondly, you show a banal disrespect, ignoring her. She may think that you consider her ugly or uninteresting, and will feel uncomfortable.

One of the girls in our editorial office just had a date on which the guy looked at the phone almost all the time and paid almost no attention to her. It all ended up that she could not stand it and left the restaurant in the middle of a date, after which she no longer talked with this guy. Therefore, be a gentleman – hide the phone and pay attention to your girlfriend.

7 Sense of humor and ability to communicate

One of the important qualities that the girls pay attention to on their first date is the ability to listen. Many guys can chatter without stopping, not letting the girls say, or worse, they interrupt in the middle of her story to insert their own line. She, like you, is a living person with her interests and opinions and wants to share them, and not just be a “sponge” to absorb your verbal flow.

Communication should be a dialogue, not a monologue. But even worse than interrupting, it is continuously silent and answering in monosyllabic phrases to her questions or reasoning. The girls we interviewed came to a common opinion that this style of dialogue causes them psychological discomfort, the feeling that the guy is bored with them, as well as the desire to complete the meeting and leave quickly.

Try to find common themes with her, something that both of you like, and then communication will go smoothly.

As for the humor, it, like the style of clothing, is selected individually. The main thing is that it be appropriate. As for the humor, the girls from our editorial office disagreed, but they said one thing for sure: boring people without a sense of humor do not cause sympathy.






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