10 things to stop doing after 50

10 things to stop doing after 50

10 things to stop doing after 50

10 prejudices to say goodbye to after 50 years

Let’s talk about actions, habits and prejudices, which it is high time to part with and must stop doing after 50 years.

10 things to stop doing after 50

1. Diet. – Things to stop doing after 50

Firstly, they do not work. Moreover, in the long run, they only lead to weight gain. Secondly, diets spoil the mood, character and quality of life.

2. To paint over gray hair. – Things to stop doing after 50

No, dyeing your hair is always welcome. If you want, and in the color that suits you. Not to hide gray hair, but to enjoy your own appearance.

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3. Put off the important for later. – Things to stop doing after 50

There is a classification of cases. Important and urgent – what needs to be done right now, and what matters to you. Unimportant, but urgent – household routine things that still need to be given time. Unimportant and not urgent – engaging in some kind of optional nonsense. And finally, important and not urgent.

This is exactly what you are really interested in, but usually, do not have enough time. For example, draw. Or learn at your pleasure a new foreign language. Or go dancing. Or go to the ends of the world. Try to continue this series yourself – now you already realized that for you personally it’s important and not urgent.

So after fifty it is especially harmful to continue to put off this important and not urgent for later. Allocate at least an hour a day, or several hours a week – but always and regularly for important and urgent matters. You will see how your life will become noticeably happier.

4. To be shy of your mistakes.

Things to stop doing after 50

There are few things in the world of things as interesting, inspiring and respectful as a mature person who honestly tells the story of his delusions. At the same time, maintaining the ability to self-irony is generally aerobatics.

5. “Dedicate yourself” to children and grandchildren.

Things to stop doing after 50

Huge happiness when you really need your loved ones. But happiness is also when loved ones support each other in the realization of a dream.

6. Repeat the past.

Even in the literal sense – if you regularly walk (ride, swim and fly) from point A to point B, brain experts recommend periodically deviating from the usual route. New neural connections will not create themselves, and the brain must be constantly given new work.

It is not so important how you surprise your brain. Whether you solve chess problems, swim in breaststroke or embroider a cross – the main thing is that you learn something new. In fact, follow this advice at any age. But after fifty, it is vital for brain activity and health.

7. To worry about what they think about you.

After fifty, you stop worrying about the opinions of others. It makes life easier and helps to act and look the way you want.

8. Justify inaction by a lack of money.

Things to stop doing after 50

Perhaps the most common complaint in the comments to any story about a happy life after fifty is a complaint about a lack of money. Like, “if I had money, I would too. I would be awesome then. ” Therefore, we often write stories of people who manage to be “huge” without money. More precisely, as soon as the “gogo” arises, the money for it is somehow found. I seriously think that this is a universal rule of life.

9. Despair in search of love.

First, the main thing: Brad Pitt (53) – again free.

10. Exclude the impossible.

Be realistic – demand the impossible. If before this many lacked internal determination and maturity, then after 50 years it’s time. 

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