11 Things To Remember When You Think You’re Not Good Enough

11 Things to Remember When You Think You’re Not Good Enough

Do you ever struggle with feelings of worthlessness? Did you have the feeling that against the background of others you look like a failure? If you answered yes, you can be proud of yourself: you have the courage to admit that something is wrong with you. And it should be noted that you are not alone in this. We all have such symptoms from time to time.

Feeling that you are not good enough for something can make you stronger or, on the contrary, break you. Most likely, you would prefer to choose the first option. And in order to bring it to life and get rid of uncertainty in their capabilities, there is a ready-made instruction.

11 Things to Remember When You Think You’re Not Good Enough

Things to Remember When You Think You’re Not Good Enough
Things to Remember When You Think You’re Not Good Enough

1 Stop comparing yourself to other people -Things to Remember When You Think You’re Not Good Enough

We are all arranged in different ways, and the desire to become “the same as that dude” kills your originality and self-love. Comparison with other people destructively affects us, causing a sense of our own worthlessness. It seems to us that everything around is smarter, more successful, richer and more beautiful than us, and often this feeling develops into envy. The more we compare ourselves with someone, the more we lose ourselves in attempts to become someone. There is good advice: avoid competition – just go your own way for your dreams. And the only person with whom you can and should compare yourself is yourself in the past.

2 Remember your achievements

As soon as you start to cheat yourself, awakening in your head thousands of thoughts that you are not good enough, remember your successes. Any positive experience is a plus in the treasury of your life experience and knowledge. Perhaps you play the guitar cool or draw, or maybe you became the employee of the month or won prizes in various competitions (of course, not for a repost in social networks). Such memories from the past are a great antidote to destructive thoughts.

3 Dream realistic -Things to Remember When You Think You’re Not Good Enough

We often think about how to achieve fame, success, make a name for ourselves, start earning a lot. This is a syndrome of people who live in the rapidly developing materialistic world. Only after such thoughts do we certainly have to return to a harsh reality in which your life does not intersect with luxury and six-figure salaries. What follows this? Disappointment. First of all, in oneself. Therefore, it is so important to dream realistically – not to set a goal to immediately switch to a high income or to grow to a boss position in a year. You can strive for this, but you still have to dozens, if not hundreds, of steps to the desired result. Nothing is given to us instantly, no matter how much effort we make.

4 Focus on the process -Things to Remember When You Think You’re Not Good Enough

Not the result If you want to achieve something, you should not think about the result, but about the process itself – how to make it as simple as possible (as possible) and effective. Needless to say, that too winding path chosen by you can kill in you all faith in yourself and your strength? Surely you yourself know.

5 Stop visiting profiles on social networks

Of course, this is not about the accounts of your acquaintances or friends – it is about those profiles that broadcast exclusively positive moments of a person’s life. Do you understand that this does not happen? Despite everything that various bloggers write, there are no ideal people in the world and an ideal life also does not exist. You feel insecure because you believe in all the joyful photos appearing in your news feed. Use your social media wisely – stop letting them destroy their faith in themselves.

Things to Remember When You Think You’re Not Good Enough
Things to Remember When You Think You’re Not Good Enough

6 Stop justifying others expectations

If you are one of those people who are trying to meet the expectations of others, then, in the end, you run the risk of losing not only these people but also your personality. Have you ever wondered how much more time you need to maintain a perfect image? As long as this continues, you cannot prioritize other people. You should not try to seem better than you really are.

7 Stop criticizing yourself -Things to Remember When You Think You’re Not Good Enough

Think about it, were you lucky to use the basic life goods necessary for a happy life – food, clothing, and shelter? If so, then you are already happier than a large enough part of the population of our planet. Therefore, every time you start to think that you are not good enough, just look around and realize that if you were able to provide yourself with everything you need, then you have already done a great job on yourself and your life.

8 Choose the right people to share your experiences.

There are people who can support and even give useful advice, and there are those who help you ruin your life by negativity. Therefore, you should share your feelings only with those who will not increase your self-doubt. Open to those people who know you well and whom you can rely on completely.

9 Turn off the mode of thinking for a while

It is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. A mind is a powerful tool that in a split second can both raise your mood and lower it to the bottom. The same goes for self-confidence. Each of us is faced with difficult periods in life, and the best we can do is let these thoughts pass without too much thought.

10 Try to revive yourself

Do not stand still, do not let negative thoughts destroy you. In most cases, physical activity will help you get rid of self-destructive experiences. For example, an ordinary workout: it will not only allow you to feel alive but also release the hormones of happiness. A healthy body is a healthy mind, and this is perhaps the best combination.

11 Express the negative

In reasonable quantities, of course. We need not only positive emotions but also timely deliverance from negative ones. This is the fastest way to end suffering. Alternatively, start saying what is bothering you out loud. At first, it will be difficult, but over time you will get used to it and in this way, you will begin to restore your self-confidence. Because most of the problems voiced quickly cease to be perceived as problems.






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