things that drive men crazy

5 things that drive men crazy

5 things that drive men crazy

All men are different, but there are a few things that none of them can resist. The issue of female appeal has always been a mystery. Sometimes you look at a girl: it seems nothing special, and men literally go crazy for her. Or, on the contrary: beauty, smart, and lonely.

Therefore, scientists have conducted more than one hundred experiments to finally get to the bottom of this greatest mystery: “What attracts us to each other? What makes you literally go crazy with love? ”

Naturally, sympathy and attraction are a matter of taste. Some people like blondes, others like taciturns and more. But one cannot discard such a moment as the presence of charisma. It is present in both men and women, and attracts like a magnet.

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In this article, in particular, we will talk about women who drive men crazy. About women who do not specifically do anything for this, but stand out from the crowd. They simply attract, attract and are not like others …

The fact is that they have features that men simply adore. Which ones? ..

1. When attraction becomes your second self, second nature – Things that drive men crazy

1. When attraction becomes your second self, second nature - Things that drive men crazy
1. When attraction becomes your second self, second nature – Things that drive men crazy

Here we are talking about physical attractiveness. Of course, a charming woman knows how to behave and how to look good. You don’t need to do anything “on purpose” to look amazingly beautiful.

To do this, you do not have to buy super-fashionable clothes, train a charming smile in front of the mirror for hours or apply stunning makeup. You are beautiful without all this – that is what you need to remember always and in any circumstances.

Sometimes all you need is naturalness and simplicity. Nothing charms a man’s heart so much as these two qualities. Just be yourself. If you are sure that you are beautiful, even with hair wet from rain and last year’s shoes, you will look good for others. After all, you will be YOURSELF!

If you worry about the most insignificant occasion in clothes or appearance, then you will not be able to really impress others. And that means, first of all, you must be fascinated by yourself!

2. When your top priority is spirituality and harmony – Things that drive men crazy

It is something when a woman is in harmony and peace with her soul. She is not angry or angry when something goes wrong. After all, such a woman knows that all kinds of days happen in life: both sunny and inclement. But this does not overshadow her light and joy.

A true lady knows how to protect her spirituality and not allow the chaos and cruelty of this world to strike. She perfectly understands that fate is not something that can be won in the lottery. He perfectly understands that each of us has hundreds of reasons to feel sorry for ourselves and give up.

What makes her different from other women? The way she reacts to the blows of fate. She does not allow them to wipe the smile from her face, to extinguish the fire in her eyes or to turn herself into a nervous and evil creature.

Such a woman knows that after the rain the sun always appears. And in her life, that’s exactly what happens!

3. When you love yourself

Self-love (not to be confused with selfishness and arrogance!) Is a very attractive feature in the eyes of men. They simply adore women who love themselves. Note that this is not about narcissism and other deviations, but about healthy love and acceptance of oneself as a person.

A woman who loves herself knows her worth. She knows how much effort she must make in order to remain herself, neither to break, nor to betray herself. She knows how much she needs to do to become happy.

It works, but does not allow itself to turn into a robot that wants to succeed at all costs. She remembers that the main priority is herself. Neither a career, nor money, nor the approval of other people, namely, she herself.

She loves herself, which means she loves all the people around. And it is felt. Men just go crazy when they see this trait in someone!

4. When you know how to accept compliments – Things that drive men crazy

If you are a stylish woman, you will always be in the spotlight. You will be praised, showered with compliments, and this is natural. Did you know that some women are just made for compliments? They do nothing for this, do not dress up for hours in front of the mirror and do not follow every step.

They just have their own style! And most importantly – they know how to accept compliments. Hearing words of admiration, such women will not be embarrassed, but they will not lift their nose. They just thank people and go on through life.

For example, if your colleague complimented you, just smile at him, thank him and say something nice in return. It will be cute and natural. You cannot imagine how important it is – to be able to appreciate your beauty and at the same time – to behave naturally and with dignity.

5. When it is convenient for you in your body

Oh girls, if you only knew how guys adore those who feel comfortable and comfortable in their bodies! For some reason, women tend to exaggerate the standards of beauty “90-60-90” imposed on them. They just go out of their way to achieve the ideal!

It is not right. The volume of your waist, a few extra pounds, the size of your breasts and so on – all this does not have the slightest significance for a man who will really love you.

Learn to love and admire all your curves and shapes. All you need to know is how to emphasize virtues properly. You should feel charming and attractive in the body that Nature has presented.

Love yourself the way you were born, and others will love you the same way! Believe me, this is an old, proven way!

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