6 Things Men Do That Annoy Woman

6 Things men do that annoy woman

guys in relationships often make mistakes, which do not even suspect. What seems like an indisputable truth or a sweet statement can only cause the opposite sex to feel irritated and make them move away from their partner. Here are some of the most common things that really only spoil your relationship.

6 Things men do that annoy woman

Things Men Do That Annoy Woman
Things Men Do That Annoy Woman

1 The prejudice “a woman should”

In many working couples, domestic work is considered traditionally female and is taken for granted. Suppose when a guy and a girl return home after a hard day at about the same time, it is the girl who, having barely stepped on the doorstep of the apartment, starts cooking dinner, cleaning, washing things, and so on. If you are of the same type of men who at this time simply lie behind a laptop and wait until they are called to the table, it is not surprising that your beloved will be angry about this.

If both of you are burdened with work, then you should not hope that one of you voluntarily decides to shoulder all household duties. Even if this miracle happens, other areas of your life will suffer. So household problems in working couples should be divided equally – agree, so be honest. You both live in this apartment and both eat from your plates, so why not take at least part of the responsibility for maintaining cleanliness and cooking?

2 Talking about ex – Things men do that annoy woman

Just one question: why? And it’s not even about calling them, watching their photos on social networks or calling to see you in a typical company. Many girls are unpleasant, even mentioning the name of the former in the conversation. It’s especially annoying when you start comparing your current girlfriend with her like, “but my ex cooked better” or “my ex’s mother treated me better than yours.”

Firstly, such comparisons will not lead to anything good – it is unlikely that the girl will begin to compete with your past love in various skills. Secondly, you can be sent back to the often mentioned ex, because if you put her as an example, then you think she is better. And therefore, do not value what you have now.

3 The habit of constantly talking only about yourself

In itself, this quality does not paint a single person. But we will give a concrete example for the relationship: partners should know each other. How to do this if you are fixated only on yourself? You are not a lecturer, and in no case should you strive to tell a girl the whole story of your life in a few “lectures”. The best type of communication in a pair is dialogue, not a monologue about yourself.

4 Addiction to mom – Things men do that annoy woman

Each girl wants to see in you an adult and independent person who knows how to solve her problems, and without calling her mother. It sounds rude, but the reality is. Another important point: you should not let your mom into your relationship with a girl.

Yes, your parents may not like her, not satisfy their needs, but you should live with her anyway. So the most advantageous position is to try to make friends with mom and girl. If your attempts failed, at least minimize their communication for your own peace of mind.

Most Annoying Things Men Do, According to Women

5 Addiction to computer games

It’s very cool when the interests in a pair are similar, and you can play after work together. But extremes are always a huge minus, and now we are talking about a “sick” attachment to virtual reality.

Annoying girls are those guys who literally live their lives in computer games. Their entire area of ​​interest is thematic publics, streaming channels and hanging out with friends online. Be careful: if you do not pay attention to your girlfriend and her desire to spend free time with you – you can run into at least constant scandals.

Things men do that irritate women

6 Talking about money and the commercialism of women

The topic of money is one of the most complex and confusing. If on a date you tell her about the size of your salary, it looks like a banal boast and an attempt to attract a girl with your finances. If you just do that you complain about the high prices in the cafe and joke about the uselessness of a tip, you will most likely want to run away from you right away.

At the beginning of your relationship, try not to get hung up on talking about money: she wants to know about you, not about the size of your wallet. Oh yes, still avoid talking about the commercialism of girls. Believe me, they can infuriate as if at the click of a finger.






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