4 Things About Dating A Foreigner

4 Things About Dating A Foreigner

Dating with a person from another country – always an interesting experience, especially if it is still romantic. Finding a common language and building relationships with a foreigner is easier than it seems.

4 Things About Dating A Foreigner

Things About Dating A Foreigner
Things About Dating A Foreigner

1 The difference in mentality is greatly exaggerated

The traditional argument that scares those who are thinking about international relations is cultural differences: in a short novel they do not play a big role, but it will be difficult to create a family with a girl from another country.

In fact, one can speak of a critical difference in mentality only when it comes to a person with other religious beliefs, for example, a Muslim woman. In general, our culture is not so fundamentally different from European or American. In these countries, open people live with fairly traditional (for the most part) ideas about the family.

In addition, the Internet has a globalized culture. You and the girl from Brooklyn may well have some idols, common jokes, and there are close to joint priorities.

2 Do not be afraid of the language barrier – Things About Dating A Foreigner

The second fear is the language barrier. If your English is “very bad”, you will find many difficulties, but even in this case, the mission to conquer a foreigner is too early to be considered a failure: there are quite tolerable translators on the Internet who can help both with correspondence and with live communication. In any case, making contact is easiest in this language: standard expressions in it are familiar to people around the world.

If the school and university base of a foreign language in your head is more or less fresh, you will probably be able to communicate on everyday topics. Nothing motivates to speak English like communication with a living person. In the process, the necessary words are recalled by themselves, you also get used to the accent with practice.

Things to know about dating a foreigner

Things About Dating A Foreigner
Things About Dating A Foreigner

3 Different countries have their own flirting characteristics – Things About Dating A Foreigner

Although different languages ​​and cultures are an uncritical obstacle to communication with a foreigner, it is still worth considering them. For example, each country or even region has its own approach to flirting.

Latinos are known for their open temper. In their countries, men freely approach women on the street, start a conversation or offer to spend an evening together. Moreover, in Brazil people often refer to each other with diminutive nicknames, and this does not necessarily have a sexual connotation. A girl can easily call you “kitten” in the first conversation, and this does not guarantee that you are interesting to her as a man. Compliments, which in Russia would be considered too intimate, are quite common for Latin Americans.

In the USA, people, as a rule, are also quite relaxed and do not hesitate to actively flirt. At the same time, long warm communication does not always mean that something special is happening between you.

European women are more accustomed to pompous compliments like “my heart,” “my paradise,” than to frivolous nicknames. The British are traditionally considered cold and approach flirting with care – in their communication, there are more hints and veiled signals.

Women in France, Germany and other European countries often take the initiative themselves, but in Italy or Japan, they expect the first step from a man.

Before you wonder at the unusual fervor or, conversely, the restraint of a foreign friend, it is worthwhile to figure out whether this is due to the peculiarities of the mentality.

4 Distance is not such a problem – How to date a foreigner

For people from most developed countries, the Internet has become the main place to search for a partner, so the geographical factor is far from in the first or even second place. An almost full-fledged relationship with flirting, heartfelt conversations, and sex can start on the Web so that by the time of the first offline meeting you will feel as if you have known you all your life.






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