Test whether you are disappointing people

Test whether you are disappointing people: it’s time to find out why relationships with others do not add up

Are you a frustrogenic person? What? Have you even heard of such a character trait? Nevertheless, it depends on her in many ways how your relations with others are developing. So it’s time to take a psychological test, do you disappoint people, and draw the appropriate conclusions

You are disappointing people

This curious psychological test will help you find out how often you disappoint people. In science, this concept is called “frustrogenicity.” Few people think about this – and in vain. Indeed, it is this quality that can significantly spoil relations with others and a loved one, provoking conflicts. A frustrated person always promises a lot of things, talks about the benefits with which he will shower someone, but in most cases does not keep promises. By such behavior, they cause deep antipathy in others, although they themselves may not be aware of it. So you must definitely pass the test whether you are disappointing people.

Instructions for passing the test

Despite the fact that this test for frustrogenicity is often used by psychologists in their practice, it does not apply to professional ones, since it is as simple as possible. So it is completely intended for independent use. We advise you to answer truthfully. Remember: the more sincere the answers, the more reliable you will get the result, whether you tend to disappoint the people around you.

You are disappointing others:

Test whether you are disappointing people
Test whether you are disappointing people

Recommended age: 16+.

Carefully read each of the 18 test statements. If yes, put yes. Otherwise, no. Other answers are not valid. You can not skip a single item.It is better to put the numbers from 1 to 18 on a separate piece of paper and write opposite them, do you agree with the statement of the test or not.

  1. I often say not at all what I wanted.
  2. A good mood is my usual state, and I try to share it with people around me.
  3. Sometimes I misunderstand something (someone), but this is my problem.
  4. I cannot refuse a request.
  5. I like to see how people suffer as they deserve.
  6. I love making unexpected surprises.
  7. I provide services when people especially need them.
  8. I’m used to swearing vows to myself (for example, I’ll definitely do it, I’ll definitely go there, etc.).
  9. Sometimes I do not find words to refuse a person, so I have to agree.
  10. Many consider me a reliable person.
  11. You can say about me that I am a person of mood.
  12. To people whose relationships are very important to me, I can promise the impossible.
  13. Every day I do not have enough strength or time to complete all the scheduled tasks.
  14. I never wake up an alarm clock.
  15. I love to be the center of attention.
  16. I like to have an effect on others. I could become a good actor (actress).
  17. I can justify any act.
  18. Others do not know about my inner experiences.

And now, it’s time to count the points and summarize the results of the test, whether you are disappointing the people around you.

Earn 1 point for the answers:

  • “Yes” to questions 1-9, 11-13, 15-18;
  • “No” to questions 6, 10, 14.

How many points did you get?

  • 0-4 points

You are a very reliable person. You promise a little, but if you promised, you always try to fulfill. If for some reason beyond your control you could not keep your word, you are always truly ashamed. Those around you feel this, so they rarely resent you. In general, you rarely conflict with people. But even if some controversial situations arise, their reason is clearly not that you have disappointed anyone.

  • 5-9 points

You are a pretty reliable person. You give promises very carefully and still try to fulfill them whenever possible. But sometimes, under the influence of strong feelings, you succumb to the mood, and this makes you make difficult promises. In general, you can only envy your rationalism in interpersonal relationships. People are disappointed in you and offended quite rarely.

  • 10-14 points

You are not a very reliable person. You relate to those who promise too much, but, alas, no desire to fulfill all this. Does not justify you even the fact that most of the promises you make because of the desire to please others. As a result of this behavior, people in you are often disappointed. Not only that – under the influence of resentment, many go to conflict. Another of your problems at this stage is that even a heated conflict does not bother you for the simple reason that you are too busy with your personal experiences.

  • 15-18 points

You are an unreliable person. You definitely need to think about how to build relationships with people around you further. You make promises right and left, without even thinking about their essence. They are physically simply unrealistic to fulfill. You are prone to a momentary mood, you want to expose yourself in the most favorable light. But everyone around you has somehow already been disappointed in you once – and this is the basis of a huge number of conflicts.

If you care about how your relationship with others develops, this test, whether people are disappointed in you, will allow you to look at yourself objectively. You can see your own mistakes and correct them. Such psychological tests for women and men are very useful.

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