Surprising and Interesting SEX FACTS

Surprising and Interesting SEX FACTS

Today, sex has become not just sexual intercourse, through which people multiplied, but also a source of pleasure, as well as the realization of their own sexual fantasies.

According to Freud, sexual fantasies are defined in the human subconscious and consciousness. Although not all people are passionate about new experiments and new poses, many are satisfied with the old poses they have long tested. And some girls still keep virginity as a gift to their beloved after the wedding.

Surprising and Interesting SEX FACTS

Sexual relationships are the subject of heavenly enjoyment. Below are some interesting facts about sex.

  • With the help of sex, you can relieve menstrual cramps and migraines. Although many couples do not have sex during the menstrual cycle, although shrinking the diaphragm reduces the amount of menstrual blood
  • As scientists at the Kinsey Institute proved, the rate of sperm ejection is 45 kilometers per hour.
  • Record in women: for 1 hour, you can get an orgasm 134 times.
  • It is known that 10-12% of women have never experienced an orgasm. They say that sex symbol Marilyn Monroe has never experienced an orgasm with her famous lovers.
  • Regular sex is very good for your health: immunity improves, your pelvic muscles strengthen, calories burn, your menstrual cycle stabilizes, and your sensitivity to pain during your menstrual cycle also decreases.
  • Some women are able to feel an orgasm from kisses, nipple stimulation, and even if they squeeze their legs in their hips.
  • Every man produces 14 liters of sperm per year.
  • Men from Indian tribes suspended the load to the penis, so they reached a penis length of more than 30 centimeters.
  • G Spot was discovered in 1950 by Dr. Ernest Gräfenberg, he proved that with the help of stimulation in this area you can get a powerful orgasm.

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