Subtle Signs He's Not Into You

26 Subtle Signs He’s Not Into You

One of the most disappointing situations for a woman is to be in is pondering whether a guy is into them or not. This unsuerity happens when you are unaware of basic Subtle Signs He’s Not Into You.

It’s intense, in light of the fact that from one perspective you need to give him a chance to make the initial important move… however then again in the event that he’s not interested, at that point you’re setting yourself up for dissatisfaction and disappointment…

What’s more, you could re-think yourself a million unique ways. Perhaps he’s too shy to even think about making a move… yet on the off chance that there is the situation, at that point for what reason didn’t he message you back? Your other girlfriend says he’s interested in you, yet he didn’t pick any hints you have dropped.

It’s enough to wonder whether guys are too naive or dense to even consider picking up on even the most grounded clue that he should make a move.

Whatever your circumstance, it’s nerve-wracking to continue asking yourself the question: “Is he into me or not?” But before you can answer that, you need to ask yourself this: how would you know he’s not into you in any case?

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That is the reason I thought of this rundown of simple signs that will show you the best way to tell if a person isn’t into you.

Here is the ultimate list of 26 subtle Signs He’s Not Into You:

1. He Never Calls/Texts/Messages You First

2. He Flirts With Everybody

3. He Doesn’t Get Jealous At All

4. He Never Tries To Spend Time With You

5. He won’t connect more than twice a week.

6. He Talks To You About Other Women In His Life

7. He Actively Flirts With Other Women

8. He Never Really Listens To You

9. He Doesn’t Care When You Are In Crisis

10. You Haven’t Met Any Of His Friends

11. He Hasn’t Met Any of Your Friends

12. You Only Hang Out When It Works For Him

13. He Avoids Eye Contact

14. He Doesn’t Seem to Care About Your Relationship With Other Men, Even the Slightest

15. He Doesn’t Try to Impress You

16. He’s not being vulnerable with you.

17. He Doesn’t Tell You Personal Things

18. He’s not including you in his future plans.

19. He’s Not Curious About You

Subtle Signs He's Not Into You
Subtle Signs He’s Not Into You

20. You relate on a one-dimensional level.

21. He Doesn’t Treat You Differently

22. He Never Opens Up Emotionally

23. He’s Distracted When He’s Around You

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24. He’s Only Hearing You, He’s Not Really Listening to You

25. You Don’t Feel Like He’s That Into You

26. You’re doing all the chasing.

If a guy is into you, he’ll start things — dates, conversations, duties (i.e., not simply sex). In case you’re the one in particular who’s regularly attempting to push your relationship ahead, at that point he’s keeping it down. What’s more, he’s keeping you down simultaneously.






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