9 Stupid Mistakes Guys Make In Dating

9 Stupid Mistakes Guys Make In Dating

By the time you were a child, probably, like many other boys teased the girls you liked and pulled their pigtails. Times go by, and although you have not been a boy for a long time, your ways of expressing sympathy for the opposite sex may still not differ in a special mind. Men in love do incredibly stupid things, often without even realizing it.

9 Stupid Mistakes Guys Make In Dating

Stupid Mistakes Guys Make In Dating
Stupid Mistakes Guys Make In Dating

1 You try by all means to prove your masculinity

A large number of guys falling in love with a girl, first of all, try to show her that they are incredibly courageous. But the main thing that you have to remember, masculinity is far from the only way to draw attention to yourself. Because of your desire to seem more attractive, you may well appear in the eyes of a girl as a macho asshole without a second chance to get to know each other.

2 You brag about the number of girls

One single question – why do you need this? In a conversation with friends or in a personal dialogue about the past with a loved one, this topic is completely justified. But if we are talking about a person who has known you for a short amount of time and is not part of your circle of trust, then the stories about numerous girls put you in a bad light.

Perhaps this way, you want to attract attention and show the girl that he is quite popular, but you chose her, but in most cases, this approach is losing. The amount of your relationship just does not need to be trumped in front of a person whom you want to get to know better.

Dating Mistakes Guys Make

3 You begin to criticize yourself, so that the girl refutes your words and pity you

In order to feel necessary, some people use the strategy of “pallor”: they expose their shortcomings and hyperbolize them, often even slander themselves on purpose. In this situation, many girls turn on the instinct – to regret and begin to justify the guy. It may seem that in this way you become more attractive and significant, but in reality – you simply lose your attractiveness.

4 You do not stop talking about yourself – Mistakes Guys Make In Dating

It is fair to say that this behavior is most often not controlled by us, that is, when you start to literally retell a girl your entire biography, starting from your mother’s maiden name, ending with the number of triples in your certificate, you don’t even realize it. You just want to tell about yourself as soon as possible, because you are nervous and worry that the girl will not like you.

5 You make yourself intellectual

It seems to you that you must be smarter than others so that the girl distinguishes you from the crowd. Therefore, you begin to go too far: it is significant to correct other people, to speak with a girl, using complex words, such as terminology, to draw complex analogies, etc.

You can be sure that you conquer everyone with your “intellectuality”, but in reality, you look like an arrogant boy. Do not try to brag about anything or show a simulated love of knowledge – this is very noticeable and usually scares people away.

Dumb mistakes men make with women

Stupid Mistakes Guys Make In Dating
Stupid Mistakes Guys Make In Dating

6 You try to be very sexy

You often talk about sex, looking for a reason to touch a girl or even show off your abilities in bed. It is unlikely that this may interest the girl. Rather, as in the previous paragraph, such actions will only frighten her away. On the contrary, try to keep your distance so that the person does not feel uncomfortable in your presence.

7 You keep silent

Perhaps you are simply afraid to say something wrong, to spoil her impression of you or to show insufficient erudition – in any case, if you are constantly silent, your communication will either end soon or simply will not develop. Of course, having fallen in love with a girl, you can spend hours scrolling through the dialogs with her in your head, and when meeting you will stutter timidly, but still try to overcome yourself and not be silent.

8 You are jealous – Mistakes Guys Make In Dating

You haven’t confessed to the girl your feelings yet, but you’re already starting to show jealousy, ask her about who she was with last night or what kind of guy with her on the Instagram photo? You should calm down and moderate your ardor: while you are not in a relationship, jealousy looks at least inappropriate. No one should report to you for what he did or with whom he was.

9 You change interests

Trying to please a girl, you can look for intersections in the circle of your interests. If there are no intersections, then you can quite convince yourself (and the rest) that in fact, you are a big fan of equestrian sports or a fan of a musical group that listened to only a few songs. You believe that common interests should bring you closer, but starting a relationship with lies is fundamentally the wrong decision.






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