Stop Wasting Your Time On this Things

Stop Wasting Your Time On this Things

Home complain that they lack the time and dream of that day appeared in the twenty-fifth hour. But the truth is that there will never be the twenty-fifth hour, but to learn how to use your time and spend it rationally is possible. However, for this, you need to get rid of the habits that eat up your time.

Stop Wasting Your Time On this Things

Stop Wasting Your Time On this Things
Stop Wasting Your Time On this Things

Wait for the right moment

Our parents, grandparents have things that they store for some reason we do not understand. For example, at the grandmother’s house in the closet behind the glass is a beautiful tea set, which she never used. At least you don’t remember the events at which you and your family would drink tea and eat cake using this service. Parents will probably find something similar, or maybe you yourself. All these things are from the category of “on a special day”, “for a special occasion” or “someday come in handy.”

The same thing happens with our desires. We store them in a cupboard behind glass in anticipation of the moment when they can be reached. At the same time, we create for ourselves some conditions (rather excuses) like: “Until I have achieved one, I cannot do the second. But when I achieve this, then I will return to the implementation of my early ideas. ” With this attitude, what you want may not come true at all. If you want something – act. The right moment is when the desire arose.

To agree to something so as not to offend a person

It’s one thing to take healthy care of someone’s feelings. But when it comes to reliability by virtue of your character, you are harming yourself. There should be a return in any relationship, and if you are in a position where your consent is only beneficial to others, but not for you, it’s time to think about whether to take care of the feelings of another person. You should not waste time on creative excuses. Do what you like, what you think is necessary. And remember that just “no” is much better than a made-up story. At least because it will be honest.

Take ridicule and insult for criticism Stop Wasting Your Time On this Things

Criticism must be based on arguments and explanations. If at your request to evaluate the fruits of creativity or something else, a person responds with banalities in the spirit of “nonsense”, this is not a reason to be upset and certainly not a reason to start delving into yourself and look for the answer to the question of why this is nonsense. Similar answers are an empty negative. Do not waste time on this.

If a person does not give a damn about your development, he will give an answer that will help to look at your results from a different perspective. He will try to explain his point of view, which may expand your vision. And he will not regret the time for this. But those who make negative stuffing regret their time, and after the banal “bullshit” or “garbage” they will continue to do their work, but they will not remember about you.

Trying to help everyone Stop Wasting Your Time On this Things

Of course, everyone who cares about the well-being of loved ones tries to help them. But sometimes the desire to help turns into a sacrifice. You are too concerned about the state of affairs of others and do not take care of yourself at all. Your interests, responsibilities, emotional and mental health – this is what you sacrifice for the sake of others. Helping everyone who turns to you, you lose strength and burn out.

Think about whether you’re spending more time and energy on others, and not on yourself. If you realize that you have virtually no time for your life, you should rethink everything and begin to take care of your peace of mind and save your strength.

Stop Wasting Your Time On this Things
Stop Wasting Your Time On this Things

Acting as an amateur and getting down to business where you know almost nothing

In such situations, there are two outcomes: you either quit what you started halfway, or you do it randomly. An option where everything works out well, only for the lucky ones. To save time and effort, you should pay attention to information that will help you understand what you plan to do. That is, to assemble a cabinet from IKEA, you should first read the assembly instructions and then start. If everything is done in order (instructions, and after – actions), then you will not have to correct the work done. And if necessary, then to a minimum. And of course, we are talking not only about assembling furniture, but in general about everything that you can do.

Plan purchases without fundsStop Wasting Your Time On this Things

If the salary is not soon, and the available funds have already been allocated to rent and other important things, planning purchases is a waste of time. This is the case when you yourself will be upset, realizing that you can not afford anything at the moment. Yes, sometimes we just look closely at some things, or, as they say, we ask the price to know how much you need to accumulate. But still, most often this is done simply in order to look at the goods and dream.

Talk about your big plans and stay inactive

Sometimes it can even be useful to share your plans, such conversations can be inspiring. However, if your plans remain at the level of conversation, you simply waste your and other people’s time in vain. As they say in such cases – you are shaking the air. If you feel an irresistible desire to share plans with someone – make sure that you do not just want to chat, but have serious intentions and really want to implement them. Otherwise, be prepared for an awkward situation. Indeed, in the future, someone will definitely remind you of your words and goals that you have not achieved.

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