Spring depression symptoms and manifestations

Spring depression symptoms and manifestations

Spring depression symptoms and manifestations

Many people, without suspecting it, experience spring depression. Usually, we confuse it with a temporary bad mood, or fatigue, drowsiness, vitamin deficiency, and do not attach any importance to it. However, spring depression, like other types of this psychological disorder, is a destructive phenomenon.

With depression, we not only stop rejoicing in the warm, spring sun, but also everything that surrounds us. We break down on people, avoid them, stop going to work or somehow appear in noisy companies. Our well-being, both emotional and physical, is deteriorating, and we cease to be ourselves. That’s all, and much more, happens when we even launch depression. And so that this does not happen, it is necessary to fight it at the very beginning. However, how do you understand that your spring depression is starting?

Spring depression symptoms and manifestations

Spring depression symptoms and manifestations
Spring depression symptoms and manifestations

We will tell you about the manifestations and symptoms of this disorder. They are as follows:

  • A constant feeling of anxiety and emptiness, which, in fact, should not be.
  • Anxiety and irritability, which appears without reason.
  • Insomnia , especially if an early awakening accompanies it (although it is possible and vice versa – increased drowsiness).
  • Obvious weight loss and appetite (also happens and vice versa – increased appetite and, as a result, weight gain).
  • Frequent or constant feeling of fatigue and loss of vitality.
  • Persistent decline in interest even in your favorite activities, as well as in sex.
  • Weakened concentration of attention, inability to concentrate, memory problems. You hardly remember the necessary things and make decisions.
  • Severe somatic symptoms that are not amenable to self-treatment. For example, digestive upset, headache or chronic pain.
  • Constant feeling of guilt , hopelessness and own failure. Where this feeling came from, you yourself sometimes do not know.
  • Unreasonable tears, or vice versa, the inability to cry even in appropriate situations.
  • Obsessive thoughts of death, or even suicide.

If you notice these symptoms in yourself, then spring depression is probably manifested. Of course, acute symptoms are felt in the spring. -Spring depression symptoms and manifestations

If such symptoms occur, it is best to consult a specialist who will help deal with this seasonal disorder. However, in no case should you treat medication for depression yourself! Follow these simple tips:

– Eat more vegetables and fruits;

– Refuse junk food;

– More walk in the fresh air;

– Observe sleep patterns and get enough sleep;

– Communicate with people;

– Do what you love;

– Take care of yourself;

– Bring variety to life. In a good sense of the word.

That’s how you can defeat spring depression without pills. Well, good luck and good mood!

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