Signs You’re Too Dependent On Your Significant Other

Signs You’re Too Dependent On Your Significant Other

If you find that you consistently give up your desires, need to please your girlfriend, and somehow justify her bad behavior, then these are clear signs that you are in a dependent relationship. There is nothing good in it, and it will not lead to a happy ending. Therefore, you better understand a few things once and for all, so as not to fall into similar situations in the future.

Signs You're Too Dependent On Your Significant Other
Signs You’re Too Dependent On Your Significant Other

Signs You’re Too Dependent On Your Significant Other

Give up your interests – Signs You’re Too Dependent On Your Significant Other

When you see that the needs of your girlfriend become more important than your own, then be sure that you are already in a disgusting relationship. As a result, all this will weaken your already cool relationship. If you continue in the same vein, you will not have time to take care of loved ones and even yourself, and this is a negative policy for relations.

When people create a couple, this implies mutual assistance, support, and just a pleasant time together. If you do not observe such points in your life, then perhaps you should think carefully about the advisability of such a relationship.

You do more than you owe

She is a woman, not a dishwasher. Girls have such phrases, so why shouldn’t you? If you understand that you are doing more than you should or is required of you, then stop and all the suspension. No, you don’t need to sit at home either – extremes are useless.

But always remember that two people are involved in the relationship, and both should invest in them. This often happens because your girlfriend is manipulating you or just selfish. Whatever the situation, one will not be able to do most of the work.

Yes, relationships are work, and the sooner you realize this, the easier it will be for you to live.

Feel you need a break, but you can’t leave – Signs You’re Too Dependent On Your Significant Other

If you begin to feel trapped while in this relationship, think carefully about the significance of this in your life, of course, you need to work on relationships. Still, you should not take it literally and devote them 12 hours a day.

Although spending all your time with a partner can feel like an appropriate level of intimacy, blurry boundaries eventually choke, and sometimes it gets too sick. Excessive obsession (both from a guy and a girl) can harm relationships that can become boring very quickly.

Signs You're Too Dependent On Your Significant Other
Signs You’re Too Dependent On Your Significant Other

Irresistible fear of being abandoned

Fear of losing is often confused with some sky-high love or love. But first of all, this comes from self-doubt, and after that – all the other nuances. People in addictive relationships often experience great fear when their partner pulls back a little. If you are faced with a similar fear of being abandoned by your girlfriend (the girlfriend?)

Then you can take extreme measures to keep her. There are times when people even transgressed the law, but this is very rare. All these are clear signs of unhealthy behavior and the same relationships with which you need to do something.

It’s hard for you to say no

It happens when you feel that you need to say “yes” to your girlfriend, even when you do not want it. Then you face severe problems with problems within yourself in the first place. You are as uncomfortable as possible; the emotional background is disturbed; you do what you do not want; you have a persistent feeling that you have betrayed yourself.

And if your woman is always waiting for you to agree with her in everything, and does not take into account your desires and thoughts, then something urgently needs to be changed. If the relationship has recently begun, then speak and be not afraid. If they settled down a long time ago, then a dating site will help you.

Hide her bad habits – Signs You’re Too Dependent On Your Significant Other

If someone has a penchant for alcohol, drugs, or something else, it can harm his health. You may feel that you are doing a favor, helping to get out of this situation, but this is interdependence. You can even give a normal example.

Your girlfriend attacked the night before, so she didn’t go to work. Her boss calls, asks where she is, and you’re lying about an illness or something else. If this happens rarely or the girl did not marry because of you, then you covered her up – there is nothing wrong with that. But if this happens systematically, it is the same as giving a free dose to drug addicts.






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