Signs She Is Flirting With You Vs. Being Polite

Signs She Is Flirting With You Vs. Being Polite

When a girl flirts with you, this is the right signal to the offensive of all. But the fact is that sometimes behind a spicy smile and a sparkling gaze, there is no sympathy for you, but ordinary politeness. Like the one that sales consultants show when they want to sell you a jacket or smartphone.

In fact, behind this seeming trifle difference is the broken hearts of millions of guys who took female friendliness for flirting. She smiles at you, builds her eyes – you, like a genuine alpha male, invite her for a date. What is the result? “Sorry, no. And by the way, I’m married. ”

With difficulty trying to censor your inner indignation, you do not understand how this could happen. And the thing is that men and women evaluate the friendliness of the interlocutor of the opposite sex differently (especially if you like this interlocutor).

Signs She Is Flirting With You Vs. Being Polite
Signs She Is Flirting With You Vs. Being Polite

And where a woman can perceive male friendliness simply for friendliness (especially when it is such), a man, by all the canons of his own self-esteem, accept for flirting everything that goes beyond the framework of the female “hello, how are you?”. We exaggerate, of course, but what is there to hide: a prerequisite for every second male tackle to a girl is her elementary politeness.

But the girl’s friendliness is not always based only on the context of the conversation. There are women for whom a coquetry is a natural form of communication. You think that she only smiles so sweetly with you, tilting her head slightly, and her previous interlocutor has already been refused because you thought so.

Signs She Is Flirting With You Vs. Being Polite

Or maybe she does use male attention as a fuel for her own self-esteem. Never mind. Not everyone can see her true motives in the pool of the female soul. And when it becomes a habit to give out wishful thinking, then a permanent “festival of disappointments” comes out. Well, it doesn’t matter. You burn yourself once or twice – and you will learn to recognize when a girl really likes you, and when she just wants to give you a flyer on the street. And if you are too sensitive to burns, then here is our text.

1 Duration of eye contact – Signs She Is Flirting With You Vs. Being Polite

As we already wrote here, long-term eye contact is an invitation to meet a girl. Here, its duration is important. No, you don’t need to sit with a stopwatch. You, in fact, yourself will understand when she accidentally looked at you, glancing fleetingly, and when she is trying to fix interest, glaring at you with her gaze.

Psychologists still say something about the “openness-closeness” of poses or gestures that accompany the look. But hell, you don’t have to be Sigmund Freud to understand when she looks at you just like a man, and not like a random passerby telling her the time.

2 Physical contact – Signs She Is Flirting With You Vs. Being Polite

Another non-verbal key to flirting is setting tactile interaction. Especially when it is not reasonable. If a girl is looking for an excuse to take your hand or make another touch on your body – this is probably flirting. Although physical contact may not necessarily mean touch.

Entering your personal space is also a fairly obvious signal for the girl’s desire not only to talk with you about the weather.

3 Content of her questions – Signs She Is Flirting With You Vs. Being Polite

Suppose you her eloquent look and bodily touch seemed unconvincing. Or, worse, they were not there at all. Then pay attention to the essence of her questions. Friendly conversations, as a rule, are more casual, while a girl who shows an active interest in you will “go closer”, asking about more personal things.

4 Conversation context – Signs She Is Flirting With You Vs. Being Polite

This item can be considered a continuation of the previous one. A flirting girl does not limit herself to talking about high food prices. But if your conversation has persistently (or not so) moved to the field of discussion of personal life, plans for the future or interests, then your chances increase significantly.

5 The presence of non-verbal signals

Psychologists call non-verbal signals another reliable assistant for a guy to recognize female flirting. If she purses her lips when you look at her, play with her hair or unreasonably straighten her clothes – in general, she looks worried or constrained, then this is generally a good sign. Just some (sometimes unjustified in meaning) gestures of a girl occur at her at a subconscious level, sending, to the boy’s joy, a signal of interest.

6 Compliments – Signs She Is Flirting With You Vs. Being Polite

A compliment is a pleasant thing in all dimensions. But it still seems more natural to us when boys make girls more often than vice versa. In any case, if a flattering passage pours from her side in your address, you can consider this a flirt.

The main thing is that her words sound sincere. The phrase “you are such a nice guy and you will surely find someone yourself” does not count.

7 Attention to you

Flirt very often focuses all physical, mental and emotional attention on one person. This means that in this case, you should occupy a leading position in the list of her local interests. In other words, if the room is full of people, and she continues to be with you all this time, then, most likely, her interest in you goes beyond friendly communication.






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