4 Signs of womanizer husband

4 evidence that your partner is a womanizer – Signs of womanizer husband

He is faithful to me, is he not faithful to me? Does he like me or doesn’t he like me? It is difficult to find answers to these questions through daisy leaves, but we can find them in his behavior. Every woman wants to be sure that her partner is loyal to her. But there are those for whom loyalty is a foreign word. Unfortunately, a chronic womanizer is a de facto sick person and is prone to infidelity genetically. Now we don’t mean a man who doesn’t have the strength to quit a malfunctioning relationship and solve it by cheating? A chronic womanizer will always bend, even if a partner is sliced.

Is your dear employee returning later? Is he unable to explain it satisfactorily? Does he travel suspiciously on business trips? Is he at home like a body without a soul? Is he guarding his cell phone, you don’t have access to his email and just keep everything from you? Are they losing interest in sex and touch? Or does she often bring flowers, invite you to dinner? Did you get new laundry? Then it is logical that doubts start to gnaw in man. But that does not mean that he must be unfaithful. Do not forget that this is controversial and indirect evidence – equally stress, depression, illness, overwork, little self-confidence, burn out.

Calls from strangers – Signs of womanizer husband

Calls from strangers do not have to speak to the detriment of the partner. The raised index finger, however, indicates if your partner is trying to keep the calls secret, so he goes on the phone away so you don’t hear who he is talking to and what he is talking to. The same applies to mysterious SMS.

Not interested in having sex with you – Signs of a womanizer

Not interested in having sex with you - Signs of a womanizer
Not interested in having sex with you – Signs of a womanizer

Here and there, it happens that one simply is not in the mood for sex. However, if it has been going on for some time, your partner is otherwise relaxed, cheerful, probably going to “express “somewhere else.

Excessive and sudden care of the appearance

Did your partner suddenly care more about his appearance than ever before? New underwear, new pants, shirt or shirt, perfume? Do they spend more time at the mirror at the same time? Is she singing at it and she looks absent, thoughtful? Then it may be a warning signal. Besides, if they lose interest in your everyday life, plans, then they are thoughts and not just somewhere else.

Traces of lipstick, smell, hair – Signs of womanizer husband

Have you dreamed that his lipstick collars have been greyed out lately? Is it possible to feel foreign women’s perfume? Maybe you’ll find hair on his jacket that won’t belong to you. The icing on the cake can also be an earring on the floor of your car or even under your bed.






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