11 Signs Low Confidence Is Killing Your Relationships

11 Signs Low Confidence Is Killing Your Relationships

Sometimes we confuse the so-called butterflies in the stomach with the usual uncertainty in a partner or in their relationship. We figure out what “symptoms” results an unhealthy relationship.

11 Signs Low Confidence Is Killing Your Relationships

Signs Low Confidence Is Killing Your Relationships
Signs Low Confidence Is Killing Your Relationships

1 You hang on the phone, waiting for her to answer your message or call back

On the one hand, if we are talking about the very beginning of your relationship, this is normal. You want to communicate with her more often, you want to know her better, you are drawn to each other. But in the event that this behavior has been going on for a long time, the painful waiting at the phone screen can be an alarming bell. You should be confident enough in your relationship so as not to worry about when your girlfriend will be able to answer you (or call you back) and how much time she will need for this.

2 Your partner is now cold, then hot – Signs Low Confidence Is Killing Your Relationships

Passion is good. Undoubtedly, she must be present in a relationship. The question is different: do not you confuse the concept of “passion” with a toxic relationship? In a relationship, the two of you should be comfortable and calm. Spontaneity is great, but only if in moderation. In other words, when you cannot 100% rely on your partner, because his mood changes literally at the click of a finger, this is not a butterfly in your stomach, but another reason to rethink your relationship.

3 You are too suspicious of the issue of social networks and live communication of your partner

Jealousy is a destructive behavior that in most cases leads a couple to break the relationship. So do not justify the lack of trust in a partner with strong feelings. You are not a private detective and should not follow your loved one. If for some reason you think that your partner is not negotiating something with you or trying to hide something from you, then your relationship cannot be called healthy.

4 You are uncomfortable being yourself in the presence of a partner

This is almost the same situation that is often found in girls when they feel uncomfortable without makeup or in-home clothes. So, if you can’t afford to meet a partner in old shorts and with a light unshaven, and at each meeting you thoroughly study your appearance or, for example, you try to laugh a little quieter than usual, and all in this spirit is a bad sign. You should be comfortable in the presence of your loved one, and you should not be afraid to be yourself.

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5 You cannot fully open to a partner – Signs Low Confidence Is Killing Your Relationships

Very similar to the previous paragraph. No, refusing disclosure is not a hoax, but agree to find out after a few months of the relationship that you actually smoke or that all the food you cooked was purchased is not very pleasant. You will not be able to hide your shortcomings or features from your partner forever.

6 You have to leave the comfort zone against your will

Exiting the comfort zone, contrary to the claims of the coach, is not always good. Especially if at this exit you are forced to experience wild stress, and the partner frankly puts pressure on you. In order to develop and acquire new knowledge, it is not necessary to subject oneself to such tests.

7 You forgive your partner all misconduct

Or resentment. Or outright disrespect to you. If a person close to you constantly hurts your feelings, brings complete disappointment and wipes his feet about you, then your forgiveness is an unhealthy reaction. Stop putting up with this kind of behavior, or things will get worse. In relations, almost the most important thing is to respect not only the partner but also yourself.

8 You spend a lot of time with the friends of your partner, but he does not devote time to yours

And it’s not necessarily friends. The same can be said about your favorite activities. Suppose you go shopping with a girl, watch melodramas with her, sit in a cafe with her friends, but she doesn’t reciprocate with you, and for all your attempts to attract her to share your favorite hobbies, you receive only refusals. It’s simple: this is a one-sided interest. If a person really wanted to be a part of your life, he would not treat you like that and what you love.

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9 You often talk only about your relationship – Low Confidence Is Killing Your Relationships

There are a lot of topics for talking with friends, and if you constantly talk only about your relationship, you should think: maybe this topic excites you the most. But if everything was fine with your partner, then there would be nothing to worry about, would you?

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10 You cannot introduce your partner to close friends or family

Perhaps your partner himself is not enthusiastic about this idea, and he has to continually look for excuses for why he cannot get to a family dinner or gather your old company. Or maybe you yourself are not burning with the desire to introduce him to your loved ones.

There may be dozens or even hundreds of reasons, but the main one, most likely, is your lack of confidence in the correctness of your choice. You are not sure about your loved one or consider him not good enough to appear in the circle of those whose opinion is important to you.

11 You cannot discuss your relationship with a partner

This is a very troubling sign. When two people trust each other, they can just sit down and talk about what is happening between them. If you have any forbidden topics in your relationship that make you or your partner feel ashamed or worried, then this is an urgent need to be fixed.






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