Sex And Coronavirus: Questions To Be Answered

Sex And Coronavirus: Questions To Be Answered

Many people care about the question of whether it is possible to catch a coronavirus infection during sex, even if the partner does not have any obvious symptoms? Feel free to talk about all the points that you are afraid to ask. Coronavirus and sex: Here is what you need to know.

Is it safe to have sex during a coronavirus pandemic?

Sex And Coronavirus: Questions To Be Answered
Sex And Coronavirus: Questions To Be Answered

If you already have a regular partner and share one living space with him, then in your case, it will be more correct to continue to have sex without fear. Remember that you need to isolate yourself together and reduce social contacts if possible.

However, if one of you has symptoms of coronavirus, then you should keep your distance and isolate yourself, even if you live together. Ideally, everyone should be at a distance of two meters from each other – even in their own apartment, but in practice, this task becomes difficult.

Remember, even if you have mild symptoms of coronavirus infection, this does not mean that your partner will suffer the disease easily and quickly. Therefore, if you have symptoms, even minor ones, try to be at a distance from your partner.

And as soon as possible contact the specialists to confirm your diagnosis, in some cases, they will allow you to be at home.

How about sex with a new partner?

This is a very, very bad idea against the backdrop of emerging events. Under current conditions, because of the risk of coronavirus transmission, having new partners is akin to suicide.

Do not forget that many people can be carriers of the infection, but do not have any external symptoms. And not always, your immunity can work in the same scenario. And by the way, if you feel completely normal, you can infect another person, and he or she can someone else through a kiss or close contact.

 Also, if you are young, then you can be a danger to older people.

Sex And Coronavirus: Questions To Be Answered
Sex And Coronavirus: Questions To Be Answered

I kissed (kissed) with my new partner, who later developed symptoms of coronavirus. What should I do?

If you kissed someone or you had close contact with someone who, as you think, developed symptoms of a coronavirus, then you should self-isolate. Monitor your symptoms if they appear, follow all safety precautions, and consult a specialist.

Also, all conscious people should responsibly approach both the health of their partners and their own. If you have symptoms, and you recently hugged and kissed with someone, then you need to notify this person. And even if this person has symptoms and you don’t, you still need to isolate yourself.

Sex During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Sex And Coronavirus: Questions To Be Answered
Sex And Coronavirus: Questions To Be Answered

My partner and I do not use condoms. Should I start using them now? Sex And Coronavirus:

It all depends on why you did not use condoms. If you did not use them, because both were checked for sexually transmitted diseases, or you or your partner are taking contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancy, then everything is in order, let everything remain as it is.

But if you did not use condoms, relying on interrupted sexual intercourse, then you are doubly at risk, and then you need to start using them.

Can I get coronavirus by touching the genitals of a partner?

If you touch each other’s intimate places, you will likely kiss at the same time, and the coronavirus is transmitted, including with saliva.

Theoretically, any possibility of transferring the virus to another surface – for example, from your mouth to your hands, then to your genitals, then to the mouth or nose of your partner

all this increases the risk of infection, and it is essential to reduce this risk to an absolute minimum. Therefore, the lack of contact with someone with whom you do not constantly live together is especially important.

How to maintain a relationship during an epidemic? I do not want to be alone

Sex And Coronavirus: Questions To Be Answered
Sex And Coronavirus: Questions To Be Answered

The current epidemic has forced many to reconsider their views on how a full-fledged sexual life should be arranged, and what they mean by pleasant, joyful, and enjoyable relationships.

For example, some couples have begun to write erotic stories to each other, and those who are in a relationship but have to be quarantined at different addresses usefully spend this remote pause. Very many give free rein to fantasies.

 In fact, if you approach this creatively, there are many ways to get sexual pleasure from each other without being together.

Now many people have difficulties, and for example, many may realize that they and their partner have different libido. That is, for instance, before someone met with someone once a week, and then suddenly, they were under the same roof. 

It may turn out that you want sex when the partner does not want to or vice versa. It is important to pronounce such moments with full respect and understanding of the needs of both.

If people live together, this does not mean that they are automatically available for sex at any moment. And those who find themselves in a situation where he or she lives with a partner, but it seems to them that they are being forced to have sex, should contact the police. Do not become victims of domestic violence.

Does the risk of contracting coronavirus increase if a person has HIV infection?

If you are already taking some HIV-related medications regularly and you have a good test for CD4 lymphocytes (the number of white blood cells fighting the infection), as well as an undetectable viral load (the amount of HIV blood), then it is not considered that your immune system is weakened.

This means that you have no additional risk of contracting a coronavirus. So if you are HIV-infected, then continue to take your prescribed medications and follow the isolation guidelines recommended by everyone else.

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