5 Reasons Your Wife Doesn’t Want Sex

5 Reasons Wife Doesn’t Want Sex

Intimate life brings joy to people, gives physical and moral satisfaction and allows partners to become closer to each other. Usually in strong couples sex occurs quite often and at the request of both parties. However, sometimes a woman may refuse intimacy. In this case, it is important to understand the reason for such her behavior, so as not to form complexes about her sexuality. It is important to understand these 5 Reasons Your Wife Doesn’t Want Sex .

Reasons for refusing sex

Reasons Your Wife Doesn’t Want Sex - Reasons for refusing sex
Reasons Your Wife Doesn’t Want Sex – Reasons for refusing sex

1. A partner may refuse bed games due to overwork at work or at home. Frequent stress at work, an abundance of domestic problems – all this can lead to the fact that a woman will have neither the strength nor the desire to make love with her partner. To ensure that your girlfriend is always set for sex, help her by unloading from household chores.

2. For women, intimacy is not just sexual intercourse, but a means of self-expression. If, for example, you can be content with quick sex for physical discharge, then your friend needs more time so that she can experience the desired gamut of emotions and give it to you. If there is no time for full-fledged sex, then the woman’s desire may not appear. – wife doesn’t want sex

3. Sometimes a woman can shy away from bed games, shy of her own body. If your partner has recently recovered or she has problems with the skin, you should be careful not to raise this topic and not skimp on compliments. Let your loved one know that you are proud of her and admire her face, figure, smell and bed skills.

4. If a woman is afraid of becoming pregnant, she will either behave very constrained and tense during sex, or completely refuse him. Not all women are ready to take birth control pills, as this can negatively affect their health. If you respect your partner and take care of her feelings, use a condom as the most reliable contraceptive. – wife doesn’t want sex

5. Not all representatives of the weaker sex, especially in youth, experience the highest pleasure in bed. You may not even know that your partner does not have an orgasm, as some women are embarrassed to devote their men to such a sensitive issue. A woman can pretend to have an orgasm so as not to seem cold in bed. In order to share this problem with you, you must treat your girlfriend with extreme care, and your relationship should be trusting and very close.

When a woman ceases to love her partner, she begins to invent all kinds of excuses, so as not to go to bed with him. In this case, it makes sense to speak frankly with her friend and find out why she does not want , and whether she is ready to continue the relationship and improve her intimate life. If tender feelings still warm, then the best solution would be to visit an experienced sexologist.

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