9 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Wants To Break Up

9 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Wants To Break Up

When your girl says to you that you need to leave, you’re trying to understand why this situation occurred where you acted wrong. It seems that until recently everything was fine with you, you enjoyed spending time with each other and making plans for the near future.

Here are a few possible mistakes on your part that can make a girl decide to leave.

Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Wants To Break Up
Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Wants To Break Up

9 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Wants To Break Up

1 You give her ultimatums

If you too often use a speech construct such as “either you do as I said, or …”, then do not be surprised that over time your girlfriend will get tired of such a manifestation of disrespect for her.

In those cases when a loved one does not want to make concessions on any issue that is important to you, you just need to give him some time to think and make an independent decision. It is likely that having weighed the pros and cons, you will still come to some kind of compromise.

2 You do not adhere to your general plans

A a typical situation that can be cited as an example: you agree to go to a restaurant on weekends, but then you suddenly find out that your company is going to barbecue … Do not even try to pretend that you forgot about your plans

in that case, you are definitely You will hear a lot of negativity in your address. If you want to join your friends so badly, better get the courage and let the girl know about rescheduling your meeting.

3 you flirt with her friends

This greatly affects female pride – you don’t want to bring your girlfriend to hysteria and add a couple of new complexes to her piggy bank? She will be glad to see that her beloved person has found a common language with her friends and feels comfortable in their company, but no more.

No admiring compliments towards other girls, no flirting (even comic, otherwise it will not be funny later), no one-on-one conversations. Your girlfriend should feel that for you she is the most beautiful and desired.

Most common reasons why your girlfriend wants to break up with you

4 You pay little attention to her

You must definitely call her on dates, show her signs of attention, ask about how her day went. This is a necessary minimum for the girl to feel herself necessary. Even if you work from morning to night and return home in a vegetable state, give her at least half an hour of your time.

5 you press

It sounds harsh, but judge for yourself: at the beginning of a relationship, offers for a separate account or saving on a girl can play a trick on you. In a couple that has been together for a long time, paying for yourself is considered the norm, but if you really like the girl, then be kind enough to pay for her, despite the fact that she herself can afford dinner in a restaurant. This is just one example. The girl’s desire to see that you don’t feel sorry for her money is not at all a manifestation of commercialism.

6 You do not support her in difficult times – Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Wants To Break Up

Relationships are always about mutual support. If for some reason your girlfriend is ill (it doesn’t matter if she gets sick or has a blockage at work), you should find the strength to help her through a difficult situation.

Take care of her, offer your help. It’s not at all necessary to give her advice or an assessment of her further actions – just listen, try to amuse or do something pleasant. Your indifference can cause a quarrel in the best case, and part in the worst case.

Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Says She Needs a Break

7 You do not keep promises

He promised – did. If you can not or do not want to do it, do not promise. This should be your motto in life. When you do not fulfill the promise, you fail the person and appear in his eyes as an unreliable guy.

It is important for a girl that you always keep your promises. In her eyes you are support and support, you are the very man who is always responsible for his words.

8 You do not want to introduce her to your friends and relatives

Okay, let’s leave the topic of meeting with parents – this is more suitable for couples who are planning to move to a new level of relationship in the near future (for example, to get together or have a wedding).

But to introduce your girlfriend to friends is worthless to you. You will only prove once again that you love her, appreciate and want her people close to you to be familiar with each other.

9 You cheated on her – Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Wants To Break Up

Here you can do without any comments at all. Treason is the most powerful argument for breaking the relationship. If you cheated on your girlfriend, do not naively hope that you will atone for your guilt with a bouquet of flowers and going to a restaurant.

In the best case, she will hold a grudge against you and will remember it under any circumstances, in the worst, you will lose her. And if you really felt strong feelings for her, you will remain alone with your guilt for a long time.

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