6 Reasons Why You Stay in Toxic Relationships

6 Reasons Why You Stay in Toxic Relationships

You probably know a lot of stories about how your friends, colleagues or acquaintances have been in a toxic relationship for months or years, strenuously justifying their partner. Perhaps you yourself have experienced a similar situation in the past.

Not daring to break off relations, you nullify your own feelings, interests and your personality as a whole. Why this happens and how to avoid such disregard for your address – we understand below.

6 Reasons Why You Stay in Toxic Relationships

Reasons Why You Stay in Toxic Relationships
Reasons Why You Stay in Toxic Relationships

1 She apologized – Reasons we stay in bad relationships

We often believe that the main thing in conflict situations is to receive a treasured apology, and such an act is considered as the most honest repentance. She may ask you for forgiveness, promise that the incident will never happen again, but it absolutely does not mean anything if she acts over and over again according to the same verified scheme.

Despite the fact that she looks upset because she hurt you, despite the fact that the apology seems sincere, do not rush to forget about the conflict. You love her, so you try to focus only on her best qualities. It makes you believe your partner and happily give her another chance.

2 You went through a lot – Reasons Why You Stay in Toxic Relationships

Perhaps, for the sake of these relations, you have laid all out for 100% for many months – you fought for her, looked after her, suffered unpleasant actions on her part, etc. This may be the reason that you are not burning with the desire to abandon a person, even if he doesn’t bring you anything but a headache (and mental) pain. You do not want all this hard work ultimately to be in vain. You are not going to leave until there is at least a ghostly hope that you can change something and build an adequate relationship. You are ready to sacrifice a lot for such a chance. The only question is whether it is worth it. And you must answer yourself as honestly as possible. If you sacrifice your mental health for the sake of building relationships, then they do not fulfill their destiny.

3 You blame yourself for her actions

When she behaves inappropriately with you, she tries to manipulate you – you cannot blame her for yelling at you for no reason or quarreling from scratch. You will certainly find the reason for this behavior, and it will be in you. He did not pay enough attention, gave cause for jealousy, and dozens of other reasons why you can be treated like this. Perhaps you consider yourself an unattractive or uninteresting person and are sure that you have negligible chances to have other relationships. You need to believe in yourself, and only after that you will have a chance to break the destructive relationship, which only helps your self-esteem rapidly fall .

Reasons Why People Stay in Unhealthy Relationships

Reasons Why You Stay in Toxic Relationships
Reasons Why You Stay in Toxic Relationships

4 You do not want to admit to yourself that something is wrong with her

Yes, you do not like how she has been treating you lately, but you are ready to turn a blind eye to this. Just because you still continue to consider her a good girl – as on the very day you first met. You know how she was then – kind, sweet, caring. And you just hope that she will again become the very girl with whom you once fell in love.

5 You lie to yourself – Reasons Why You Stay in Toxic Relationships

For example, trying to convince yourself that everything is fine. Or you attribute everything to her past experience in a relationship. Or tell yourself what you both want to hear. In any case, all this becomes unimportant when it comes to manipulation by the partner. It doesn’t matter how kind she was to you when you met, and how tender she was when she didn’t like jealousy. You need to leave if her behavior even after serious conversations does not change at all.

6 Are you sure something will happen to her after you leave

When you have any feelings for a person, but feelings, of course, you cannot be all the same if she says that she cannot live normally without you. And if she mentions the possibility of voluntary death from your life after your breakup, your concern is well-founded. But you should not expose yourself to daily torture because of such manipulations. Try to help her adapt, seek the help of a therapist or professional advice. Make attempts to leave her life as painlessly as possible.






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