Why Wont He Propose. He's Never Going To Propose. signs he won't propose.

Why Wont He Propose – Why men are in no hurry with the proposal

The reasons why men are in no hurry with the proposal – Why Wont He Propose

Any woman wants to marry her beloved man, but there are not rare cases when a couple seems to love each other, meets for a long time, the relationship is full of understanding, and he still does not mature to make offers. In fact, for most men this decision is very difficult, and there are reasons for this.

The reasons why men are in no hurry with the proposal. signs he won't propose.Signs He's Never Going To Propose. Why.
The reasons why men are in no hurry with the proposal. signs he won’t propose.Signs He’s Never Going To Propose. Why.

You can start with the fact that every man is a freedom-loving citizen and tries to maintain his imaginary freedom. -Why Wont He Propose

 They are afraid that the stamp in the passport will completely change everything, they will put shackles on them, meetings with friends will stop. But it’s not a problem. In order for a man to overcome his fear, it is enough just to allow him to see friends when he wants to, then this desire will practically disappear from him. The forbidden fruit is sweet, and when everything is allowed, it is not so interesting, in addition, while he is in the sauna with friends, you can do your own women’s affairs.

A wedding becomes a problem even when all the friends of the chosen one are single. – Why Wont He Propose

 Like it or not, the opinion of others for men matters, despite all the negatives. And here you already have to wait, well, or go to the active acquaintance of his friends with his beloved friends. It’s not necessary to admit that there were jokes on the part of friends that his “wife isn’t letting go”, it is important that he understands that even after the wedding he will have time for friends and nothing will change.

There is also a financial side, because a wedding celebration requires a lot of money. It happens that he is ready, but simply can not afford a luxurious celebration. In this case, this question is discussed, the cost of the event is calculated. If a man is stopped only by this, then here you can either save money and arrange a more modest celebration, or wait, save money, but this process can be delayed. – Why Wont He Propose

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