8 reasons why couples break up after a year or two

8 reasons why couples break up after a year or two

8 reasons why couples break up after a year or two.

You will finally recognize a person for real …

Falling in love is a wonderful feeling, and it pumps us adrenaline to the very eyebrows. These wonderful conversations, full of love and tenderness, the first kisses that take your breath away, and the inexpressible, boundless trust that you begin to have for each other … In a word, at this time it seems that love is what can make you – really happy.

There is only one “but” … Believe me, falling in love is much easier than staying in love with this person. And often after people enter into relationships, guided by love, over time they begin to realize that this love has gone somewhere … And what remains in its place? One void.

True love is something special, it requires a very delicate balance of patience, integrity and mutual trust. And, alas, many couples sooner or later realize that over time, the coefficient of love begins to decrease slightly, and in most cases this happens in just a year or two.

Here are 8 obvious and not very obvious reasons why this happens. Read, and you will all know!

1. The first year of relationships takes off our masks – why couples break up after a year

1. The first year of relationships takes off our masks - why couples break up after a year
1. The first year of relationships takes off our masks – why couples break up after a year

When you are madly in love with someone, then – at least at first – you tend to turn a blind eye to the shortcomings and negative character traits of this person. But after you start living with him in the same apartment, you soon begin to realize that before that you looked at him through pink glasses. The most challenging time for a relationship is their first 3-9 months. After that, everything becomes easier … Well, partially.

2. Joint rest and holidays are very insidious

Statistics do not lie – most often newly made couples break up during a joint holiday or large holidays. So if you read this during your vacation or holiday season, be sure to tell your soulmate that you love her very much! -why couples break up after a year

3. You will finally recognize the person for real – why couples break up after a year

You will learn his life decisions, his character, oddities and weaknesses. As you get closer, his character begins to manifest itself in all its glory. And this process has only two possible outcomes: you either fall in love with it even more, or you just hate it … And this is not far from breaking up.

4. Love dulls the possibility of a sober assessment of the situation

When we fall in love with someone, the dopamine produced by the body not only makes us very happy, but also significantly slows down our thought processes. During falling in love, the rational part of our brain simply refuses to function normally when we demand from it to evaluate the character of the chosen one from a neutral perspective. But as we begin to live together, the time for dopamine euphoria passes, and we can suddenly see next to us someone we don’t like at all. – why couples break up after a year

5. You strive for excellence because you think you deserve it

Let’s say you fell in love with someone. Fell in love so much that they decided to live together and get to know this person better. You spend money on relationships, invest time and effort in them, invest yourself, expecting in return only one thing – love to the grave and eternal devotion. And these unrealizable expectations that burst into our heads should be the first wake-up call. Love is selfless in its very nature. Believe me, you will not expect this from someone who really loves you – you simply will love. But … alas, we do not establish these rules rationally. These are all our stupid hormones!

6. You are becoming less tolerant of each other – why couples break up after a year

6. You are becoming less tolerant of each other – why couples break up after a year

When you enter into a new relationship, as a rule, you turn a blind eye to the small oddities and incomprehensible actions of the partner. You put on pink glasses with thick lenses so that objective reality does not stop you from seeing the world as you think it should be. But when the first wave of adrenaline-dopamine euphoria recedes, you suddenly see a picture of the world as it is – and you don’t like it at all.

Your tolerance is melting, like a piece of ice in the sun, and you begin to be terribly enraged by the appearance of a partner doing something stupid or acting childishly. The world, consisting of you two, is far from being as bright as before. You notice with horror that in a relationship there is enough gray and black.

7. Your partner is obsessed with himself

Perhaps the partner is practically not interested in your feelings and emotions, and he is only interested in what can bring him happiness. This is no longer an “alarm bell” … This is a whole fire siren. Real relationships are always based on mutual understanding and communication. This is a kind of barter system! And if someone one of your couple just takes and does not even think of giving, this is a clear sign that the relationship has begun to fall apart. – why couples break up after a year

8. A year or so, as a rule, allows you to more or less understand where your relationship is going

Do they go up? Or go downhill? People are often confused as to where their relationship is going. It depends on many factors: compatibility, generosity, mutual understanding, respect and so on. And in order to understand if you have all this, it takes about a year. But the rest … Otherwise, everything depends on your determination and a bit of luck!

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