Reasons Why a Woman Doesn’t Want to Have Sex

Reasons Why a Woman Doesn’t Want to Have Sex

The situation, of course, is deplorable: it seems that you found a girl and entered into a romantic relationship, but for some reason, she has stopped pampering you with his body. Do not rush to leave it and start a new one or try to take it by force – you remember that this is rape. And try to find out the causes of this problem and solve them in time. Otherwise, a new girl can do the same for you.

Reasons Why a Woman Doesn’t Want to Have Sex

Reasons Why a Woman Doesn't Want to Have Sex
Reasons Why a Woman Doesn’t Want to Have Sex

Financial difficulties

They always occupied the top lines in the charts of problems that could destroy relationships. They can cause a split even in the most seemingly harmonious pairs. The fact is that worrying about money and financial situation can cause negative feelings towards a partner, undermine trust, make you feel stressed, and all this, as you know, leads to a lack of sexual desire.

It’s not that you need to rush headlong into “quick loans” and try to bestow your soul mate with gold. And it’s enough just sometimes to sit down and discuss your possibilities, plan a budget and act together – all this can increase the feeling of closeness and trust in a relationship.

You don’t watch yourself – Why a Woman Doesn’t Want to Have Sex

It is clear that the girl has already achieved and can be a little naughty. But do not turn this into a new lifestyle. If you sometimes come in an ironed shirt or with an imperfectly shaved neck, then that’s okay. But if you allow yourself to smell bad, fart, or, worst of all, poop with her, then do not be surprised that she got cold to you.

No matter how close you are, there is a certain section of people who would rather not see and not know about some of the things that their partner does. So always look after yourself, shave where you need to shave, mine and clean, where you need to clean, not only in the initial period of the relationship.

Reasons Your Wife Doesn’t Want Sex

Boring sex

If you have reached the state that he has become so, then you urgently need to do something. It’s clear that sometimes you want to end this and go to bed quickly. But then do not be surprised that your friend often goes for bread.

Therefore, if you have sex on a schedule and always in your favorite crib – it’s time to change something in life, this will certainly add new sensations and feelings to your relationship.

Lying member

Well, here you want, do not want – but it is unlikely that something will work out for you. If such a problem is with only one specific girl, then apparently she either stopped exciting you or hounded you to such an extent that even the body refuses her.

You need to either leave her or try to save the relationship and only then leave with a clear conscience. But if you have such a “problem” (if you can, of course, call it a “problem”) with all the girls, then you urgently need to run to the doctor, and there it will go. So this should not be left in any case.

Only one orgasm – Why a Woman Doesn’t Want to Have Sex

And most likely, you have it. More than half of women do not achieve orgasm during sex, no matter what research you open, the numbers are only growing. This happens, of course, not every divine sex. Lack of orgasm during the act can be a deterrent to women. If she feels like a great device for your handjob, she is unlikely to be interested in sex.

Sex is a mutual pleasure, and if one is blissed out, then what is the point of the second person? Now it’s hard to imagine that during a date or joint leisure, one of you would not look at the phone every 5-15 minutes. And, unfortunately, this can sometimes sow confusion in your relationship.

Especially when – just imagine – you fixed your penis, washed, figured out how to deliver an orgasm to your girlfriend on an unplanned day for sex, and how insulting it would be to shit it all by looking at who wrote the message to you, or, what’s worse if you decided to pick up the phone. Since you, for the sake of self-development or personal free time, could not refuse the phone, then refuse it at least during sex.

Reasons Your Wife Doesn’t Want Sex

Weight problems

This can make a difference in several ways. If you are fat or she is – then everything is trite: well, who likes to sleep with fat – not everyone. Therefore, try to take care of yourself and your girlfriend, once again instead of chocolate, buy her a lemon. Even your partner may be embarrassed by the fact that you lost weight, and she remained the same fat. And in this regard, once again, you will be denied access.

A bunch of things

It also happens – you can not always be to blame for all the troubles. She came home and thinks: what should she do at work. The boss is tired, the kindergarten is closed, her beloved store burned out, a lot of things – and here you are such D’Artagnan with his dick for an advantage. Help her with business – perhaps this will bring your sex closer. And on the other hand, if nevertheless she even agrees, she will not be completely relaxed and relaxed, and you yourself know very well what kind of sex this will be.

Treason – Why a Woman Doesn’t Want to Have Sex

If you or your girlfriend allowed yourself to be unfaithful, then returning to a good old relationship will not be easy. As for sex, it’s even more complicated. Trust is undermined, which is fundamental to any relationship and intimate relationship. The only way out is not only a pause, but also reading all kinds of literature on this topic and going to the appropriate specialists. And after time and work, perhaps – perhaps – it will be possible to save the relationship, but it is worth considering that the probability is extremely small.

You don’t have a girlfriend

It’s very hard to have sex with your girlfriend when you don’t have her. But no one has changed you yet and you don’t need to shave your armpits. But if you decide to search, you will have to do all this – and even brush your teeth.







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