Pros and Cons of the Single Life

Pros and Cons of the Single Life

Series such as Sex in the City or Friends can make life a single is terrible. But is it really so? Being single is one of the phenomena of today and more and more people are resorting to this way of life. But like everything, does this way of life have its pros and cons? Find out which they are.

Pros and Cons of the Single Life

Pros of single life

Pros of being single
Cons of being single
  • Decision making – one of the advantages may be the fact that a person decides on everything by himself. Whether it’s leisure or finance. Nobody will blame you for buying something.
  • No submission – whether it’s a movie choice, a weekend evening or whatever. One does not have to compromise. If you go somewhere fun, you do not have to watch the time and report your return nervously.
  • Career – if you think about giving notice at work and trying happiness in another city or even abroad, you don’t have to consider anybody. Nothing prevents a person from developing his career and fulfilling his dreams. With a partner alongside, often these things can not be done, or have different limitations.
  • Cleaning and cooking – the life of a single allow you to cook and clean up until you are hungry and in the mood to do something. Nobody will blame you for not having lunch, ironed shirt, cleaned. – Pros and Cons of the Single Life

Cons of single life

Pros and Cons of the Single Life
Pros and Cons of the Single Life
  • Confidentiality – from time to time, it’s nice to have someone you can trust and talk to. From everyday worries to opinion and advice.
  • Sad – physical contact is an integral part of everyone’s life. It is scientifically proven that cuddling benefits psychological health. There is no better cure for a sore soul than a hug of a loved one. Having a person to fall asleep and waking up with will never replace a one-time affair or a friend with a benefit.
  • Fun – Shared worries are less worried and fun and fun shared with another person is doubled. If you are happy about anything, you will be more pleased to have someone to say to someone who will rejoice with you.
  • Sharing – whether you want to go on a trip, to the cinema, to the swimming pool, it is better if you do not have to spend time trying to find out who will join you and at the last minute, you might be able to call that you cannot. If you have a partner who is riding with you on one wave, you will enjoy a joint trip or sporting activity. – Pros and Cons of the Single Life





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