Power Of a Compliment – Dos and Don’ts of Effective Compliments

Power Of a Compliment – Dos and Don’ts of Effective Compliments

If you listen to domestic hip-hop, you might think that every friend dreams that you would popularly explain the advantages of her ass and boobs. Today we are learning to compliment girls so that they reciprocate.

Power Of a Compliment – Dos and Don’ts of Effective Compliments

Situations You Should Not Change Yourself In Relationship
Situations You Should Not Change Yourself In Relationship

We understand you, but …

The absence of sex causes severe itching not only in the groin, but also in the brain. Therefore, you seem like an idiot when you focus on this desire in a conversation with women. The trick is that if you want to sleep with a stranger, then you better forget about sex for the duration of the conversation.

It is necessary to make a compliment that the girl herself will consider as a compliment. Do not think that girls do not like when you talk about their beauty and sexuality. They do not like it when they see that in you the primitive instinct speaks, and not you. It is much nicer to receive compliments from a person who speaks sincerely.

What do you expect?

If you think that you have a hot and chic woman in front of you, then you have the right to tell her about it. But you should say this only when you do not expect anything in return. A compliment for the sake of a compliment – no more.

That is, you show courtesy to just make a woman happy – she is pleased with the attention you paid to her, and also that she owes you nothing for it. In fact, the feeling that “he wants nothing from me” can lead to a closer acquaintance than the thought “he wants to fuck me”.

Therefore, use more complex verbal constructions, for example: “I am not trying to hit you, but you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.”

Trite? Yes. Pleasantly? Of course, but only if your desire for sex is completely hidden or completely absent.

Power Of a Compliment – Dos and Don’ts of Effective Compliments


We think that women often feel that their bodies exist only to entertain men. This is not a good feeling, because everyone wants to be understood, recognized and interesting. When you compliment your appearance, you block off the other virtues of the girl from yourself. In addition, you begin to look like a guy who is desperate for sex.

Therefore, we recommend starting the conversation not with a compliment, but with the idea of ​​knowing the girl better. Five minutes of conversation is enough to find common ground, common topics, problems, and interests. When you show your interest in a girl as a person, and not just as an object of lust, she begins to see in you an interesting personality, from whom it is pleasant to accept any compliments.

Praise the girl, but not for the boobs

They also praised the boobs, but a little later – at the initial stage, it is better to focus on achievements and advantages that you can learn through conversation or any other signals. This will show that you are interested in gaining a complete picture of the person.

It may seem to you that talking about the virtues “beyond sex” alienates you from sex itself, but the result will be different – it’s easier for a girl to talk to that guy who sees in her not only his body but also his soulmate.

Dos and Don’ts of giving girl a compliments

Power Of a Compliment - Dos and Don'ts of Effective Compliments
Power Of a Compliment – Dos and Don’ts of Effective Compliments

Avoid sexually charged compliments

If you want to say something about appearance – this is your choice. But we recommend that you avoid sexual connotations. This is quite difficult, because if you want to talk about the virtues of the body, then inevitably slip into sex.

Here one good thought will help you. If your compliment says that the girl’s external dignity helps a man get sexual pleasure, then it’s better not to say it – you can run into misunderstanding. The rest – tell yourself good health, the girl will like it. Avoid intimacy at first.

Be sincere

However, first of all, you need to be honest. Honest with myself, honest with a girl. Do not try to like it, do not try to use primitive pick-up methods – they work only for those friends with whom it is better not to sleep at all, otherwise, you will go to the venereologist for a long and tedious way.

In general, despite the fact that many women say that they do not need the patriarchal world of the twentieth century, you should get as close as possible to the ideal of a man of the last century – a gentleman who speaks with friends with respect, respectful and human, and not how primate with grenade and boombox.






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