Pain and pleasure are incompatible things. It is inappropriate to endure, hide the feeling of pain and not utter a sound! Understand the cause of the pain, and eliminate it.

Too little grease! – PAIN DURING SEX

On certain days of the cycle (2-3 days before menstruation and immediately after them), during menopause or with hormonal imbalances, the weaker sex may develop too little natural lubricant. This happens if you are not excited enough. A lubricant on a water-gel basis can help you, which you can buy at a pharmacy: in its composition, it tells a woman’s secret and is designed to moisturize the vagina. If it was not at hand, you absolutely can use baby moisturizing oil or regular petroleum jelly (note that these products destroy the latex from which the condom is made).

Inconvenient position – PAIN DURING SEX

You have the opportunity to experience pain in a certain position. The only way to combat pain is to replace the position during sex (for example, from the missionary one to turn over to the “rider” position – in those cases you can control the pace).

Pain due to sudden inflammation – PAIN DURING SEX

Continuous pain during sex can be a signal for inflammation of the organs of the small pelvis (for example, appendages, fallopian tubes) or the vagina, as well as endometriosis or problems with the intestines. In any case, book an appointment with a gynecologist, take tests and consult a doctor about your pains.

Painful negative skill

In some women, pain in intimacy is caused by psychological root causes. No matter how caressed the partner is, it’s hard for her to tune in for pleasure. In this case, it makes no sense to blame the man or want to do something personally. Better go for a consultation with a sexologist.

How to say this during sex?

So how do you feel: “Honey, it hurts me. Let’s try it differently! ”

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