Most Toxic Zodiac Couples in Astrology

Most Toxic Zodiac Couples in Astrology

What can I say? It’s not meant to be… Unfortunately, most often the time the reason for the breakdown of the relationship does not depend on how good or bad the person who next to you. It’s just that you are not compatible, and that’s it …


Do you want a little love game (you run away, but you are being caught up), inciting passion? Taurus will definitely provide such an opportunity. But if you decide to part with him forever (and this will definitely happen), he will throw a epic scene. You will never forget her. And until the end of the days, you will curse yourself for having contacted this person at all.


Taurus is extremely serious about many things in life, which is completely unusual for Sagittarius. His disregard for anything could drive him crazy. The moment you try to shackle Sagittarius in the fetters of a relationship, he will leave. And perhaps the only thing you’ll miss is the fun mind games that you constantly played.


“Do something!” – You will often pronounce this phrase if you contact Capricorn. More than anything, you hate boredom. But she will become your constant companion if you decide to be with Capricorn.

For you, it is too practical and hardworking. However, a truly devastating blow to relations will inflict its straightforwardness. You do not always need an honest answer, sometimes you need a person who can just cheer.

Cancer – Toxic Zodiac Couples

All you need is a bit of peace, a sense of security and support. Is that so much? From the point of view of Aquarius, a lot. He loves freedom and fun. His emotional detachment will not help in any way when you need support.

In the end, you decide that it’s better to be alone. And in this case you will be right. Loneliness is really better than Cancer’s relationship with Aquarius.


Leo likes to be surrounded by fun people and in the spotlight. If you begin to build relationships with Scorpio, then the latter will quickly “lower” you to the earth, because his desire to have a partner will completely and completely drive you crazy.

Scorpions can be very jealous owners. You absolutely will not like to catch a jealous look on yourself every time you flirt innocently with someone.


If there is anything that the Virgo truly hate, then it is a cat and mouse game. But this game is simply adored by Sagittarius. You will be enraged by his reckless attitude towards everything.

And you will never know exactly how things are in your relationship with him.


Libra loves harmony. However, this does not mean at all that everything should always remain as it is. The truth is that the desire of the Virgin always and in everything to be right will drive you crazy. In her pursuit of this goal, she will immediately forget about how beautiful and cheerful you are.

Scorpio – Toxic Zodiac Couples

We have to admit that there is definitely chemistry in the relationship between Scorpio and Aries. Chemistry, which makes them manifest themselves not from the worst side, since each of these signs of the zodiac cares only about their needs.

Aries wants everything to always be as he thinks is right. This does not suit you at all. Relations in which there is no room for compromise will only bring disappointment and pain.


Sagittarius and Taurus are two absolute opposites. They have practically nothing in common. Taurus is too careful, and you begin to suffocate in these respects. And that’s not all. Taurus does not like change, but it is for you that change is what makes you feel alive.


Fortunately, you are not threatened with a strong relationship with Leo. You will immediately realize how different you are. You are faithful, have innovative thinking and are focused on achieving goals. The lion is too fixated on himself.

Again, among your friends (with whom you communicate regularly), for sure, there are not so many Lions. Consequently, the likelihood of establishing a relationship with a representative of this zodiac sign is significantly reduced.


Aquarius and Cancer are so incompatible that you can talk about it forever. From your point of view, Cancer is too emotional and selfish. You are incredibly enraged by the fact that you are not getting the understanding you need from him.


Libra is very charming. However, sometimes they can be reckless and insensitive. A person of this sign can hurt the feelings of Pisces without even realizing it. Libra will hurt, and then, using their charm begged to give them another chance. But it cannot last forever …

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