Losing things: How to Stop Worrying?

Losing things: How to Stop Worrying?

Each of us in life lost something. It could be a favorite thing, and some quality, and even a person. Unfortunately, no one is safe from loss of life, and everyone can lose anything. And often this entails a lot of experiences that can be detrimental to us. However, if losses cannot be avoided, then it is in our power to avoid such destructive experiences associated with them.

How to Stop Worrying?

How to Stop Worrying?
How to Stop Worrying?

Usually, when we value something or even someone, we think that we are showing quite normal human emotions. Yes, on the one hand this is so, but often our subject of adoration leads us to thoughtless fanaticism, and then not very good nuances of our adoration emerge:

– We openly idealize the subject, i.e. it becomes in our eyes better than it really is;

– We spend on this subject (or person) all our emotional, emotional and sometimes physical and financial resources;

– We believe that the subject of our adoration is the meaning of our whole life;

– We materialize the fear of losing the subject of our adoration, etc.

All this leads to the fact that having lost what we value, irreparable harm is done to our emotional, mental and often physical sphere. But how to avoid these destructive experiences? Three simple rules will help you here.

Recognize that a full life requires balance.How to Stop Worrying?

Each of us has six main areas: spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, social, financial. It is very important that your attention and all kinds of resources are evenly distributed between the mentioned areas. If the subject of our fanaticism “pulls” into any one sphere, then very unpleasant consequences can arise if it is lost.

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Analyze your condition whenever possible.

It is not difficult to do this. Draw a circle on a piece of paper, divide it into six segments, symbolizing the various spheres described above. Draw your object of adoration in the corresponding part of the circle, i.e. what area does it belong to. This will clearly demonstrate where you have a problem, and in which area experiences due to this very idealization are possible.

Take concrete steps to restore balance.How to Stop Worrying?

Those. the subject that you idealize should cover all areas. Then, in the event of its loss, you will no longer be so hurt – the load from the experiences will not be in any one sphere, but will affect several areas, distributed evenly.

So it’s very simple, we can get rid of destructive experiences in case of loss. Of course, someone can say that there will still be experiences, yes, it is. However, their power will not be directed to one sphere, destroying it completely, but distributed among different areas of life. And then, to survive the loss will be much easier. And it’s best not to reach thoughtless fanaticism at all, and then there will be no feelings at all. Good luck, friends, and more strength to you.

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