Lessons from a prostitute for an ordinary woman

Lessons from a prostitute for an ordinary woman

Lessons from a prostitute for an ordinary woman

The attitude of prostitutes in society is ambiguous. Men often resort to their services, but women treat such young ladies with contempt, calling them “women with low social responsibility.”

However, any psychologist will confirm that if this is not a cheap street whore, but a well-groomed elite prostitute that provokes a sincere desire and passion from a man, any woman has something to learn from her. If you think about it, she is a professional in her field, and knows better what men want …

What attracts men to a prostitute

What attracts men to a prostitute
What attracts men to a prostitute

Upon learning that the beloved used the services of a prostitute, women behave differently. Some put things of a cheater out the door, others make a scandal, and others close their eyes to the pranks of a loved one, not wanting to destroy a family. But there is a fourth category of women , who decide to get to the bottom and find out what attracts a man to a prostitute?

It’s not that complicated. Men turn to prostitutes because everything is simple with them: no need to discuss everyday problems, no need to take care of the feelings of a partner, you can pour out your soul, and most importantly, you can be very frank in their sexual desires. Based on this, let’s understand …

What to learn from a prostitute

1. Listen – Lessons from a prostitute

Listen - Lessons from a prostitute
Listen – Lessons from a prostitute

Very often, a man trivially lacks attention from his woman. The stronger sex, no less than women, needs a close shoulder, a person who can pour out his soul without fear of appearing weak. Therefore, first of all, learn to listen to your man and allow him to speak out when he has a hard day or serious problems arise at work.

For your part, you can always support your man, brighten up communication with an appropriate joke, or cheer him up in any other way. Most importantly, do not give him advice, do not teach life and do not try to solve his problems. A man will cope on his own, and from his beloved woman he only needs support, approval and a good mood.

2. Seduce – Lessons from a prostitute

Seduce - Lessons from a prostitute
Seduce – Lessons from a prostitute

An elite prostitute knows exactly how to warm a man’s passion for himself. She follows her looks and always looks sexually attractive. Not like a cheap whore in a short skirt and defiant pantyhose in a net, but stylish, but with a pronounced sexual hint.

In this regard, even being at home throughout the day and meeting your husband from work, dress with style. A short silk robe, not causing cosmetics, manicures, pedicures, sexy stockings, do everything to attract the attention of your beloved man.

And always surprise your beloved. Meet him in a dressing gown without underwear or wear a dress with a deep neckline to rivet his eyes to your seductive hemispheres. Wear tight-fitting clothes, seducing your man with beautiful shapes.

Be sure to buy your stilettos, even if only for seduction. Men start up at the sight of sophisticated female legs in such shoes. You can even make love in them! Try it, it looks damn exciting.

3. To be liberated in sex – Lessons from a prostitute

3. To be liberated in sex - Lessons from a prostitute
3. To be liberated in sex – Lessons from a prostitute

Monotony in sex kills harder than tedious life. And the elite prostitute knows exactly how to diversify the intimate life of a man and how to surprise him.

In this regard, try to take an active part in sex. Tell the man the most exciting points on your body, whispering foolish words, moan in your ear, ask the man “not to stop”, do whatever he wants with you. Such relaxed behavior will allow a man to feel like a real sexual giant, who knows how to deliver extraordinary pleasure to a woman.

Make it a rule to surprise your man. It can be sexy underwear, a new intimate haircut, an unusual pose in sex. Periodically visit the sex shop and get new intimate toys that will color your intim with vivid sensations.

Remember, it is not necessary to engage in sex in the bedroom and only in bed. Seduce your man in the kitchen, make love on the kitchen table, accidentally bring him in the shower, and join him in the wash. Outdoors, in the stairwell, in the elevator, in the car – do sex and wherever you want.

4. Obey – Lessons from a prostitute

A man is not only a protector. He is Male, Master and God for his woman. That is how an elite prostitute will treat him, and this attitude compares her favorably with an ordinary woman.

Wives often make sex boring and limited, and all because they do not accept opal or anal affection. Neglecting the desires of their man, they inflict a fierce blow on his pride. The man in this case either resigns, suppressing his male ego, or goes to a prostitute who easily agrees to any, even the most liberated sex .

Try to do the same. Do not deny your beloved his sexual desires. Combine in yourself an aversion to blowing and other dissolving moments. Just try, and you will see that the man is looking at you with completely different eyes! And do not be surprised if the new, previously frightening look of sex, suddenly you really like it. This is a common occurrence.

Be frank with your man. In moments of bliss, ask what other facets of pleasure would he like to experience? Realize his secret desires, because a man gives you his trust! If you listen and understand your beloved, if you try to realize his wishes, he will never refuse such a woman!

5. Play – Lessons from a prostitute

Do not try to take sex too seriously. This is a pleasure, relaxation for two, and therefore try to enjoy it to the fullest.

Play with your man. Become for him a seductive slave for one night. Play with him as a victim and a rapist Ask him to be a rude male tonight. Perhaps, in this role, your beloved will open for you in a new way, and you will feel that the elements of violence and cruelty during sex also give you pleasure.

Or maybe your man wants to see in his bed a cruel mistress who will “punish” him for his wrongdoings? Maybe he dreams of something dissolute, but is afraid to admit to his beloved? Reveal his secrets with frank hints, actions, and give your beloved the pleasure that he dreams of.

Today, in sex shops, a wide variety of costumes for sexual games are sold. Become a disposable nurse for your man, an innocent schoolgirl or a brutal female cop, with a club and handcuffs. By the way, it’s not at all necessary to go to an intimate goods store. Everything can be ordered anonymously via the Internet.

But what if you shoot a live-in home video that you will be happy to review in 5 years? Offer it to your man, and he realizes that in sex you are better and more attractive than even the most expensive elite prostitute!

Instead of an afterword

To become skilled and liberated in sex is not so difficult. It is not difficult to learn to listen to your man and guess his desires. To reveal itself in sex and to reveal your man is both interesting and exciting.

It is only important that all this does not contradict your true desires. Sex is a pleasure for two, and a man wants to see that you really like it. Therefore, discuss your and his desires, and at the same time openly admit that you are not interested or unpleasant. This will help get rid of lies and pretense.

As an example. Can’t you dance striptease? Do not go on the table and do not try to hit your man with a balancing act on the pylon. It will look comical. If you want to surprise and please your beloved, take a few courses of striptease. Remember, skill is needed in everything. And maybe dancing is not yours at all. Talk frankly about this with your man, and do not hesitate, he will understand and support you.

Finally, learn to enjoy sex. Elite prostitute succeeded in her career solely because she loves her job! Just learn to receive and give sincere pleasure, and you will succeed too!

No boring nights!

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